Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Project 12 November in December

Tis the season!  December is here!  We almost have a full year captured!

Here are some favorites from the October sketch:

I LOVED this interpretation of the sketch.  She made a pumpkin out of that circle shape in the design!  I adore this one from eClaire:

I also like the brown framed photos, it helps them pop, and the overall color palette is delicious.

And Jennifer has my heart with her stitchery and the row of buttons on her layout:

Check out what we have for the November sketch:

I love this sketch.  Super simple which means there's a lot you can do with it.  I do NOT want to be swamped like I have been the past two months, so I've already got the sketch printed and have been sorting through photos.

Stick with me here.

Last month I mentioned that I wanted to give 5 of the new SCT sketch calendars away based on the participants in the October sketch.  I asked my hubby to throw out 5 numbers under 30, and the lucky girls are:

 #9 -  Andi
#11 - Alison Day
#13 - Ally
#18 - theelfqueen
#24 - Melanie

and to reveal how completely whackadoodle the boy is, when asked why he chose what he did, 4 of the 5 are Nascar drivers.  Sorry ladies, lol!  #18 is because he just likes that number.  What a cheeseball.

Email me girls!  I will be sending you calendars as soon as I get them!  It should be sometime this week!

I am SO glad to have you participating in this challenge.  I'm so excited that some of the calendar winners are ladies who have been participating all year!  I wish there was something I could do to thank you all!

As always with the Project 12 challenge....
link a layout highlighting your month to this thread by December 20.  You can use the sketch, but you don't have to use it, nor do you have to create a 2 page layout.  Just document your life.
Link your layout here and for a second chance at a fun prize sponsored by SCT magazine, email a link to your layout to

I'll see you with a layout in a few short days!

Enjoy the process!  Davinie


  1. Woo hoo!!! I won I won I won!!! How exciting!!! Thanks Davinie!!!

    And the two layouts that caught your eye also caught mine!!! I LOVED the cute row of buttons!!!! So clever! And the big pumpkin? Hello! Why didn't I think of that????

    Fa la la la la!

  2. Oh so exciting!!! HOORAY!!!!

    (and he picked 18 because it was FATE!)

    Thanks, D! I was just looking through photos trying to pick mine for P12 this month!

  3. Omgosh, is that ME?! :) YAY!

  4. I love how he picked the numbers!

  5. How exciting!
    I also love the big pumpkin-perfect.

  6. Mary (Happy Now)1:30 PM

    I probably NEVER do this right, but here are my Project 12 layouts for November! :) I have some November journaling on the second page (above and below the photo), but I always feel better hiding that digitally before posting online... Thanks so much for 11 awesome months! :)

  7. Anonymous1:04 PM

    got my November done ;)

  8. Here's November:

  9. Oops! I think I forgot to post mine! And it's been ddone for quite a while!! HEre it is:

  10. I am trying to catch up now! Here's my layout for September:

    Thanks for the inspiration! P.S. I'm so glad to hear that Project 12 is continuing next year!

  11. Here is my November layout. One more month to go:):)

  12. Here's what I did for November:

  13. Thanks so much for picking me last month!!
    Here's my November layout...

  14. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Here's my November layout:

  15. Again the contributions are awesome. I almost didn't make it this month. I have all of 50 minutes to spare before we hit the 21st....where does the time go???

  16. Here's my Nov. page based on Becky's Nov. sketch - just in time is my motto. ;)

    One more month for 2010's P12...and I'm so glad I participated. I don't believe I would've gotten much scrapping done this year, without your 20th-of-the-month P12 deadline. Thanks for hosting!

  17. Here is my November Layout! Yes, late but heck.. It's done!!! Thank you so much Davinie!!!

  18. I finally finished November - too late for draws, but wanted to share anyway!

  19. My October, November and December are all completed now and shared on my blog post here

    Already got some bits enroute for my Project 2011!! Can't wait!!

  20. Okay, not sure how I missed that I won!!! I check your blog ALL THE TIME!! Sheesh!
    Hope I'm not too late to claim the calendar!

    but the real reason I was searching your older posts today was that I almost forgot to link up my December layout. Doh!
    here it is ..

    Looking forward to 2011's P12!!

  21. I know it's late, but I finally blogged using my November page here: