Friday, January 14, 2011

Fiver for Friday

I've decided to jump on the Friday Fives.  It gives me a place to talk about the scrappy and family random.  :)

1.  I'm feeling more confident with my goal to run a half marathon this year.  I was touched by the comments left to me, and the support of my hubby (he's going to train with me and run one too).  I was a little overwhemed by 13.1 miles, so figured the easiest way to keep focused, was to start small.  I already  run a 5k to exercise, so I needed something a bit longer than that to work towards.  My plan is to run the Grin and Bear it 10k in March.  This will work great, because the half marathon I've chosen is at the end of May.  It's the inaugural Happy Girls Half.  Looks like a great course!  (ooh, and there's a sterling silver necklace for your medal at the end.  And a schwag bag.  And handsome pacers.  Sweet!)  There's also a little girls 1.5k which I think is a GREAT way to include my kids as I'll need them to ride bikes to train with me sometimes.  1.5k might be too far for Payton though. 

2. Okay, I'm going to talk more about this when I share my Project 12 layout for the month, but suffice it to say, I'm fairly obsessed with the Pink Paislee Parisian Anthology Album Refill packs.  They flew off the shelves at Studio Calico but you can still pick them up at 2peas.

Here's the deal.  Down the road, I don't want to have to look in this album for 2011, that album, and that other special album over there.  I fear if I spread myself out too thin I'll never be organized enough to remember what I did where.  And there *will* come a time when I won't be able to look at a photo and note age, location, etc.  So I put it alllll in one place.  I have one album.  It has my Project 12 layout in it for the beginning of the month.  Then any layouts I've done with photos taken that month go next, and then the next Project 12 layout marks the beginning of the next month.

These protectors?  They offer the pefect opportunity to include memorabilia that didn't get on a layout, like the button we got a Disneyland marking our very first visit, or the program from Payton's recent ballet recital.  And it's all together.  I scrap both 8.5 x 11 and 12x12 and I keep them all in the same place.  I can't think of a better way to carry on with that style than these fun little page protectors for different tidbits, notes, thoughts. 

I'll share more about my album and other page protectors to use in that Project 12 post.  But I'm excited about my albums this year! 

3.  Let's see....  number 3.  Oh, I really want to know what the new release for Crate Paper is going to be.  4 lines!  Have you seen the wee sneak?  Looks delicious!  I'm going to be working with it for CHA but I haven't seen a peek of it yet.  It's torture, I tell ya.  But I'm excited. 
4.  I just had to share how we practiced Morgan's spelling words for the week.  Chocolate syrup on a cookie sheet entertained the kiddlets for a good 20 minutes (even though it was a bugger to get out of Payton's white.  shirt.  WHY mama?  Why?  Next time she needs to go topless).

And of course their faces became pretty itchy during the process, hence the puppy dog noses (imagine that  :) ).

5. Last thing, I couldn't leave ya without a Studio Calico sneak!  I had a LOT of fun with this layout.  Can't wait to share the whole thing.  (This one was made with Lollipop, #4). 

Happy Friday!  I'm going to be doing these more often!  Enjoy your weekend and stay warm and dry!



  1. Happy Friday!
    I love this post!!! Super great goodies that you shared, and I really love the 'some of this, some of that'.
    I am doing Ali's OLW and we are using those exact page protectors.
    And I 'hear ya' about trying to be organized with the P12 album and 'all else' for that year.
    But.. I have my P12 layouts in page protectors and they are back to back.. I need a 'show and tell' and how you are keeping your months together and including the additional photos, layouts and ephemera...

  2. Oh what an awesome idea!!!! I will have to do this with my boys! Chocolate syrup is a motivation for EVERYTHING ;)

    Good luck with your half-marathon training! I need to get back on the band wagon so says my BEHIND ;)

    Oh, and I love your SC Sneak. I canceled my subscription about 7 months ago and am thinking about going back. Your sneak is awfully enticing!

  3. So happy that you're going to be doing these! Fun! Can't wait to see your Project 12. I'm working on mine tonight (Oct'10-Jan '11--heehee)!

    And love the idea of using these page protectors; must invest in some soon! And also love the idea of having the Project 12 as a title page so to speak and other layouts from the month behind it- must do that too!!!

    Thanks so much for all the info and inspiration! Have a great weekend!

  4. Just when I think I can't add another blog to my favorites I find yours. Great ideas.

  5. Love the puppy dog noses! And the kraft on kraft is to die for.

  6. i love this post. i want to do one like it. i LOVE the chocolate syrup idea and will be stealing it. also, i truly envy your organized and thoughtful way of scrapbooking. big time.
    that sneak is gorgeous.
    i truly loved talking to you this afternoon. lots. let's make it a standing date? xxo

  7. love this post! Congrats on the 1/2 marathon training! I'm sure you'll do great!! :)

  8. Try ZOUT on the chocolate stain. You can get it in Target in its the best stain remover I have ever used. Love the SC sneak.

  9. I hope the chocolate came out of the white shirt! But what a fun idea!

    I'm dying for Crate too-can't wait to see what they'll be debuting!

    Sounds like you're on the right track for your half marathon training! You'll definitely be ready and what an accomplishment!

  10. Awesome post- lots of good energy coming from it- I like it!! WTG for training for that 1/2 marathon- and that one sounds really cool! And I am loving the chocolate syrup idea- you always come up with great kid ideas!

  11. Sweet pics! Can't wait to see that layout, looks yummy with all of the layers!