Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Words on Wednesday - Live your Adventure

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As I was searching my Pinterest Words board for a quote to share, this decal from Urban Outfitters jumped out as the perfect post for today.  

My little family is heading out for a little California adventure.  It isn't as far south as we thought we'd go this summer, but we still plan to have a great time.  I always love getting my girls to the beach.  Morgan's very first camping trip was at the Northern Oregon Coast when she was barely walking, and a memory I'll never forget is how we'd set her down on the sand, she'd dash out to the surf, get her feet wet, and we'd pick her up and run up the beach to set her down again.  She had so much fun!  She ran and ran in her fleece rainbow pants from the Gap until she suddenly stopped, sat down, and cried, finally realizing how cold the Oregon waters were.  She's a beach babe and I love getting her to the ocean each summer, the beach being somewhere around a 5 hour drive from our house.  She doesn't believe that the ocean can be warm and we were hoping to prove it to her, but it turns out the water where we are headed isn't that much different from where she's been before.  Bummer.  But just like in 2005, we'll be chasing her out of the surf yet again, I'm sure, and Payton won't be far behind.  

Just like the quote, we are living our adventure.  I hope you still have summertime left with your family to do the same.  School doesn't start until after Labor Day here, so we have a few weeks left to soak it up.


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