Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Words on Wednesday - don't worry


One of the many things that has had me preoccupied in recent weeks was a mailing from the school district with an assignment for miss Payton Jayne in PM Kindergarten.

This mama does NOT want PM, for a million reasons, including:

  • I work in the morning
  • I put Morgan on the bus in the morning.  I don't want to have to then wait @4 hours before Payton gets to go to school.  She has zero patience.  And neither do I.  It's a nightmare, lol. 
  • Kids are fresh in the morning.  School doesn't start until after lunch?  NO.  Not doing it.

I called the school and learned that they were really Kindergarten heavy, and eventually assigned kids based on their bus route.  Yes, we live in a PM bus area for Kindergartners.  There is no AM bus available to bring her home.  But she could ride the bus in the AM to school with her sister, and I could pick her up, etc.

I got put on a waiting list, and have been twiddling my thumbs for WEEEEEKS.

School is already in session for the older kids, and it wasn't until "emergency" funding was released this evening that I finally got the word:  A new teacher has been added part-time.  And she's AM.  And she happens to be the same teacher that Morgan had in Kindergarten.

I'm not kidding.  I started shaking and almost cried.  Hallelujahs were definitely in order.  I know this sounds silly, but that reverse schedule was going to make this school year extremely difficult for me to organize.  I work part time but I work 8 hours some days, and if Steve isn't home (he's gone for 48 hours at a time), I don't feel comfortable asking my sister or a dear friend to watch her if she was going to have an opposite schedule from their Kindergartner.  This makes me feel so much better.

Anyway, a dear friend told me not to worry, and it turns out, she was right.  I could have saved about 7 gray hairs that recently sprouted if I had just listened.  It all worked out in the end, and it also turned out much better than I could have hoped.  I love it when that happens.  And now I can make a hair appointment  to wash that gray right outta my hair because I now know when I'm free. 

Have a great Wednesday!  Davinie


  1. Jen Thompson4:50 PM

    oh my goodness what a nightmare. Don't worry I would have been just as freaked out as you were! We don't have AM or PM kindy here, it's just all day Kindy but I can imagine what you were going through because I work until 5pm 3 days a week and always need someone to pick Ashleigh up from school. Why can't there be more jobs in school hours??!!

  2. ha. glad it all worked out!! i just had my hair colored again - ug that gray grows back so darn fast. :)

  3. Glad it all worked out! We were spared that headache this time round as our province has mandated all day kindergarten. Now that the 2 week long, incredibly painful graduated entry is over, my daughter will have the same schedule as her older sister. Makes figuring out daycare/work schedules for me and the 2y.o much easier!
    Good luck with the rest of the year!

  4. God is good, ALL the time!!! Those Hallelujah moments just prove once again how much he loves you :D