Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY - How to add CONFETTI to your scrapbook pages

Hello friends!

Confetti is running rampant on the crafty front, so I wanted to take a moment and share some tips/tricks and techniques for adding confetti to your scrapbook pages.  I had two projects in my gallery at Studio Calico this month using this technique:

I've experimented with confetti a bit, and found a great adhesive to use to adhere confetti, as well as some fun punches to use as well.

The cast of characters:

You need:

punches - I have two different sized hole punches here.  I also have some really great punches I found at Walmart for less than $1.  They are by Studio G (which can also be found at Michael's), and one is a circle, the other a heart punch.  They worked great on my Valentine layout above.

Other popular punchs are the Swiss Cheese punch from Fiskars but I'm also seeing some great options with the knockout punches from American Crafts, specifically the star border and this one

I like these individual punches because I can use them on small scraps of paper to get my shapes and don't have to start with a fresh 12x12.  Making confetti is a great use of scraps. 

You also need adhesive. Elmer's Craft Bond = fabulous. 

After I have punched my shapes it's time to get out that adhesive and my misting box.  It's going to get messy.

This Elmers adhesive is AWESOME.  It will soon be making it's way to a Studio Calico shop near you.  ;)

Some things to note:

This adhesive is sticky. 
It's a spray, so be in a well ventilated area. 

Cover your whole project.  Don't just spray it where you want the confetti to be.  I say this because when it dries, you will be able to tell where the adhesive was when you hold your project at an angle in the light.  It also changes the texture of your base paper just a little bit.  But this is NOT like Super Seal.  Your project will not be hard and shiny.  It's fabulous because it works and almost disappears when it dries.  It just doesn't disappear completely.

For this example I used my card.  I sprayed the entire thing with Craft Bond, and then sprinkled confetti.  After sprinkling it, I was able to rearrange things to get them where I wanted.  I'm a perfectionist that way.  It doesn't dry so fast that you can do this.  I sprayed it, added my confetti, rearranged, and then walked away from my project.  It is repositionable at first, but when it dries it's stuck.  But it takes a while so it's best to leave it alone for a few hours. 

Additional tips:

If you sprinkle a lot of confetti and the pieces layer on themselves, those top pieces wall fall off because they aren't on the card base.  Keep that in mind as you sprinkle, and reposition pieces until you are satisfied and then leave your project alone until the glue is "cured".


When you come back to your project later, it'll be dry and it'll be fabulous.  As I mentioned, you can somewhat feel a change in texture, and if you hold your project in the light you will be able to tell where you missed with adhesive, but just barely.  I just wanted to make sure all the perfectionists out there knew that.  :)

Here's a closeup of my Valentine layout that included heart confetti:

Just want to add a few accent pieces to your project?  I'd suggest a Martha Stewart glue pen and a pair of tweezers. 

You can also add confetti to a page protector and sew it shut, just like I did on my Note to Self layout.

When you do something like this you can add fun things like bigger punches and even fun veneer shapes like those asterisks.  This type of confetti floats around your layout which is fun. 

Let me know if you have any questions!



  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    fabulous tutorial!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Love This! Thank you for the tutorial!

  3. Thanks so much for the tute! So when it dries, it doesn't leave any tacky feeling or anything? I have a couple spray adhesives, and they never quite completely "dry," if you kwim. Can't wait to try this one by Elmer's!! Also, for those just doing a few pieces, the new pick-up tool by Silhouette (that has putty on one end to help pick up small pieces) would be GREAT for this type of project!!

  4. the Pick-me-Up! Yes, I'm going to have to get that!

    The texture feels a little rough, but it isn't tacky once it's cured. I left my project out overnight before adding photos, etc. and it isn't sticky now at all. :)

  5. Oh what fun! Love your ideas! :)

  6. Well now, that does simplify things! Thanks for sharing, Dav!

  7. Great post, sweetie! I am not sold on the confetti thing myself yet (falls into that messy-has-to-dry category that I struggle with) but this is a great tutorial!

  8. Great tips Davinie! TFS

  9. great post. have you tried using multi-medium? I think it would work - do you?

  10. That is such a neat idea, I love the look. LOVE that Valentines layout.

  11. Great ideas and thanks for sharing all the details.

  12. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Thanks for the tutorial - look forward to giving it a try myself.

  13. thx for sharing can't wait to make it!

  14. great ideas, thanks for the tips!

  15. Awesome, awesome tutorial!
    I've been wondering if the spray adhesive would work and not leave the background slightly sticky.
    Thanks :)

  16. Awesome, awesome tutorial!
    I've been wondering if using spray adhesive would leave the rest of the page slightly sticky.

  17. Grrr...Sorry for the double post. I didn't think it went thru the first