Sunday, January 01, 2012

a New Year. a Fresh Start

(a few of you may wonder what's happening with Project 12. No worries!  SCT and I have plans and will be sharing them shortly.  In the meantime, hold on to your December layouts for a wee bit).

On to 2012.

2012.  Many changes coming my way this year.  It feels like I've been reborn, if that makes any sense.  I've been defining myself in a certain way for a long time, but that all changes this year.

Sometimes that's very scary.

But in the end, change is good!  Change is a chance to refresh.  Renew.  To evaluate your like and make changes when you need to, or carry on if it still feels right.

Tomorrow night is orientation for Grad School.  Oh my, I can't believe after graduating in 1999 with my BA, I am headed back, but it feels right.  I've always wanted to finish and head into the classroom as a teacher.  Payton is in Kindergarten, which would put her in first grade when I'm finished with the program, which means I won't have to worry about who's caring for her during the day.  My time is now.  And I'm taking hold and running with it.

A Challenge:

I issued a challenge on the Studio Calico blog this morning.  I hope you will check it out.  It's all about writing a letter to yourself and sealing it up tight, not to be opened until 12/31/12 when you can evaluate the changes you've made, the goals you've achieved, and what you thought you'd be doing at that moment.  It was a great challenge for myself this time of year.

I'm also doing Project Life, so I wanted to include it in my album somewhere, in a safe place, so I used a 12x12 page protector and stitched it up tight.

My project:

Making confetti for a page protector is great fun!  So is my new Cameo (that doily was my very first cut.  Isn't it fabulous!?)

Happy New Year!  Davinie



  1. HappyNew Year to you! I love your page and great idea to do the letter! Good luck to you in your new endeavors!

    I will be anxious to hear about what the new plan is for Project 12. I love Project 12!

  2. Love your PL page and the letter idea. I went back to school in 2010 after getting my bachelors in 2000. Finished my M. Ed in Aug. You can do it. It's well worth the work. Good luck to you!

  3. I love the idea of writing a letter to yourself!
    Congrats on going back to school.

  4. Congrats on going back to school! So happy for you!

  5. Happy New Year! Love that idea of a letter to yourself and your PL page. I am looking forward to participating in Project 12 this year!!

  6. wow..I really admire you Dav. If you can go back to grad school, then I should certainly be able to follow my dreams. Happy New Year!!

  7. Any updated on Project 12?