Sunday, June 17, 2007

Morgan always refers to her dad as "her man"... so I made a card for OUR man for Father's Day. Happy Daddy Day!

Steve was on shift today, so I whipped up a quick card, drove the kids to Blockbuster and rented him a movie, stopped at DQ for an icecream cake, and surprised him at the station. On Sundays, if there aren't any calls, the fireman can relax and watch TV if they want. I'm crossing my fingers that he has a quiet evening, and is able to enjoy his movie and dessert. After all, it's his day! I rented The Prestige. I've heard great things about it but haven't seen it yet.

As for the card... I waited until the last minute, but knew I wanted to use the Cosmo Cricket Halfway Cafe line, because it's so Steve. When I was choosing my papers, I happened to grab the cover of the Collection Pack and turned it over, only to be surprised to see sketches. I used one of the card sketches on that sheet as inspiration for my card. That really helped the process go quickly and I'm very happy with the results!

Morgan even made a little artwork for our card, and I tacked it on the inside so that it could be removed and saved somewhere special. Her art is super cute. She always does hair and toes. I love saving her work and watching her progress.

Have a wonderful and restful Sunday!

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