Monday, June 11, 2007

Pokey Little Puppy and a weekend in Portland

Here's my puppy layout for the Scrapbook Lifestyle challenge for week 1. This is the first layout I've ever scrapped of Cooper, and these pics were taken in March of 2001! Looks like I need to catch up.

We went to Portland last weekend for the Rose festival, and had a blast. And it rained all day on Saturday and we still had fun! The parade was great, and we were there almost 4 hours. The kids did awesome. I'll post some pics when I get them sorted out. My mom raced in the Dragon Boat races and made it to the quarter finals. That was fabulous! It was a great weekend. It's nice to break things up a little. Mommy gets a little tired of the same old routine every day. That said, today I'm spending my time doing laundry and putting things away. We are out of milk too, so I might need to make a quick trip. Well, as quick as you can go when you have two little people. We might not drink milk today. I HATE taking two small children to the grocery store, especially since all of the carts with the cars will be gone. Gggr.. Nothing more irritating than seeing a 10 year old in the car, or worse, NO children in the cart, when I really need one and none are left.


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