Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quilted inspiration

Melissa asked about quilts. Quilts are the basis of paper piecing, which is the foundation of scrapbooking, right?

I've made baby blankets for both of my girls, but they are simplistic in design and mainly about comforting my sweet babes at night than they are about presentation.

That said, my new stepmom made a quilt for my youngest, Payton, and it has me in awe. She hand quilted it herself and the backside is this fuzzy fleecy type fabric that is the epitome of comfort. It is just so snuggly!

It has the whole alphabet mixed in with these yummy little square blocks... the design is so simple, but it makes me happy when I look at it, perfect for a sweet girl like my Payton Jayne.

Thanks for taking a peek!

P.S. EEk! I'm scrapping for my life at Scrapper's Bliss this week. Apparently my interpretation of the last design style did not go over well! lol Wish me luck! 2 of the bottom 3 in each group is going home! :)


  1. Anonymous10:38 PM

    This IS adorable---love the colors. Thanks so much for sharing this with me!

  2. I love this, the colors are awesome :)