Friday, September 28, 2007

Things that make me happy, today.

So Rachel shared this really fabulous photo that she took of Aspens in Colorado. The beginning of fall. I was so inspired that I darted out to my backyard to try and get my own pic. However, my trees aren't as big as those, and we have two steers right now, so it was hard to find a tall tree that was cowpie free in order to recline for the appropriate angle. That said, I did get one okay photo of the trees turning in my backyard. I don't know what they are, but we have a ton of them:

I'm glad I took a photo of them, because they turn really fast and often in the fall we get a strong wind that strips them bare before I have a chance to bask in their fall foliage. I just love these trees. Are they elms? I have no idea.

This is a photo of the Cascades off my back deck this morning. It snowed up there last night! It's nice to finally see them! A couple of days ago they were completely bare.... and with some nearby forest fires this summer, there was always a bit of a haze around them so I could never view them as I want to... like this. I need to convince that neighbor in front of us to chop a tree or two down, huh?

Check this out:

Oh yes. Princesses on ice. Today this makes me happy! I know. But I think Morgan will really dig it, and it won't be toooo hard for me to watch. I purchased tickets for a November showing in Portland at the Rose Garden the weekend after Halloween. My mom lives in Portland, so after Steve heads off to tackle the big elk, the girls and I will skidaddle out of town and head to Portland for the weekend. Mom can watch Payton while Morgan and I go to the show. Now I think that's a great idea, lol! It'll give my mom a chance to play with the kiddos, and it will be a fun experience for Morgan. I'll even let her dress up in a princess gown for the event.... my guess is she'll do the usual, Sleeping Beauty. I think that has to do with her love of all things pink, and her "lellow hair" as she calls it. Should be fun!

Today we are off to Morgan's cousins 3 year birthday party, and then doing some grocery shopping. After that it's home to relax and watch the leaves fall. Have a great weekend!


  1. Your photos are wonderful--the mountain view is divine...just breathtaking!

    I'm laughing about the lellow hair, my daughter used to say it that way, too! Have a WONDERFUL time at the show, it will be so special for her!

  2. Wow, what a view!! We have gone to princesses on ice before..great show! Have fun!!

  3. such beautiful pictures!
    Makes me miss the NW!

  4. Davinie, the photos are wonderful, keep those coming, I miss it over there! If you get a close up of the leaves, I could tell you what they are.
    Too bad it wasn't a regular Disney on Ice, I would meet you up there with my son, he would love it. He's not too much into the Princesses.....He's a Cars man.