Monday, December 24, 2007

Snow Play TODAY!

I saw that there was snow, and then I saw that the sun was trying to creep in, so after breakfast, the kids and I made a beeline for the outside to enjoy what we were given while we had it.

Morgan made a snow angel.

We have had a round snow disc allllll summer long, and now that the snow has fallen, I can't find it anywhere. So I took the lid off the outdoor toy box and we used that because the end turns up. It worked fine and if we had more snow she would have gone very far! You see.... I live in this very ridiculous house.... the people who built it were into ham radio and energy conservation, and also wanted to make the most of their mountain views, so we have reverse living with the kitchen, etc., upstairs.... and they built this man-made hill so they could drive up to their front door which is on the second floor. It is really quite the eyesore so I have not photographed it in all it's ham glory.... but don't tell my hubby because he gets mad at me if I make fun of my casa. Anyway..... so right outside my front door is the perfect snowhill for small children. I must say it can be quite entertaining for the big people too. We normally have an annual sledding party, and an annual summer slip-n-slide party. In the summer we get a big piece of visqueen (I have no idea if that's how it's spelled but it's a very large piece of plastic) and set it out, stake it down, and more than one slipper is sliding at the time. So we make the most of this pathetic eyesore. Anyway, I digress....
Morgan. Top of the toybox sled.

PJ enjoyed herself outside, but she doesn't have snow pants so was wearing a Children's Place lined track suit that Grammabon got Morgan last year or the year before.... and she wouldn't let me put gloves on her so I knew our time was limited.

Oh hey, Morgan looked at the camera!

We made a teeny tiny snowman. Cooper almost took it for a run......

But even more fateful, after I took a photo of it... Morgan took a big bite out of it's behind. Or as Morgan refers to it..... the snowman's cheek bottom.

And then PJ gave me the subtle sign that she was finished for the moment, and we came indoors.

Outdoor fun was had by all!


  1. Awwwwww (especially the snow angel)!

  2. Dav that looked like an awesome day..check over at my blog to see how just a few hours west will make a differnce. Eat white snow for me:)

    Merry Christmas to you.

  3. sooo fun! I grew up with TONS of snow and living in GA is killing me not to make snow memories with my kiddies!!

  4. Your pictures are so cute, Davinie! Sounds like you have a fun hill there! :)


  5. Love the pictures, Dav! I always loved making snow angels. That last photo is a riot... must scrap that one!

  6. adorable pics!!! Love tiny snowman!