Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pink Paislee peek and a Worldwin giveaway

I am so lucky to get to play with this stuff! Check out Pink Paislee and the blog too. You can check out the product and see what some of the other designers have done. Plus there are some ADORABLE projects that you can get at the Scrappy Gourmet that we will be doing for make-n-takes at CHA next week. EEK! I have also seen that there are going to be cameras there so you may even see my mug somewhere, although I think I will mostly be taking orders. I guess I'll find out! At this point I'm going to be in the booth Monday and Tuesday morning unless Rebecca needs more help. So excited to be part of a new venture. I think she'll do really well!

I have some peeks for you. This is the Spring Fling line. I just adore this line and can't wait to play with it some more after I get home from California.

This is the Office Lingo line. I LOVe orange and pink together so this has been really fun to work with. That fun decorative edge to the die cut paper is so unique! What's also great is that you also get the negative, so you can do fun things like my layout below. That teenager? She's my half sister. She turned 13 in December and I never see her, so it was great to get some cute pictures and have an opportunity to scrap her. Her name is Alexsandra.

In other news, there is exciting stuff happening with Worldwin that I can't share yet, but it is VERY cool. We've been doing paper giveaways so be sure to check out the blog and leave a comment. This paper is very versatile. I use Worldwin cardstock on just about every project I do.... and it even coordinated well with the Pink Paislee.
Also go to the Simple Scrapbook blog for a fun challenge and an opportunity to get some free cardstock.
I have some altered projects for Pink Paislee to share, and I'll do that before I leave on Saturday.
Speaking of Saturday... I'm headed to California for CHA. I am so excited but as the day draws near the inevitable anxiety is beginning to rear it's ugly head. I really need a breather from the children so I can come home refreshed... it will be so good for them to spend quality time with dad and he has already been busy planning activities for them to do so I know they'll have fun, but in the end I hate to miss anything. And that's nuts because I have a toddler breaking into the terrible twos, and a newly 4 year old that is becoming quite the drama queen, so daily life is a constant challenge. But I guess I love it?
It will be hard for me to leave the house and get on a plane, but once I do it will be a blast. My friend Nicole has NEVER been to the Pacific Ocean so of course we are going to rent a car and dip our toes into the ocean. I'm not sure what city we will end up at... it depends on the commute. My other cohort Nicole doesn't get into SNA until 2 something, so we will wait for her there. It will be so much fun!
Not to mention the show! I can't wait to go back again and meet up with old friends and to check out the wonderful new goodies out there. So far I'm excited to see...
the Pink Paislee booth. Of course.
Cosmo Cricket's blackboard. Seriously. I was just painting the edges of some chipboard black the other day. Where were they a few months ago? lol
I also want to check out Cosmo's paper lines, including that robot paper. I hav two little girls and never thought I'd be interested in robot paper, but I think it's so cute I can't wait to find an opportunity to use it.
Of course I'm all over Scenic Route and I can't wait to see the new stuff... stamps! I am definitely getting the little girl with the crown. Probably the little boy too. That is really cute and I can see myself using them on cards a lot. Oh no! I just checked out Layle's blog and look at that! Background albums and chipboard alphas! Of course I'm going to want ALLLL of that.
I can't wait!


  1. Davinie, love love love all the Pink Paislee stuff!!! And your designs are fantastic, as always :) This'll be my first trip to CHA and I'm so excited, maybe I'll see you there!

  2. Wow, Dav! You are doing some awesome work with the Pink Paislee. Your work is going to be all over that show. I'm so jealous that you are going, and don't let yourself get too stressed about living the sweet ones.

  3. Have a fantastic time Dav!! We'll miss you while your in CA!