Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some SC peeks!

Well, it's safe to say I'm over the moon for the latest kit from Studio Calico. I got most of the add-ons, because I couldn't help myself. I couldn't say no. And I'm glad I didn't. October Afternoon! Ribbon from Cosmo Cricket! Yum. I'm totally enjoying every last bit and have a couple more peeks to share:

I'm going to have more sneaks before reveal night because I have more ideas swirling... I can't wait to get started!

Last night when I was scrappin' I had it on AMC and caught Million Dollar Baby with Hilary Swank. I have definitely heard of it, but I have never seen it before. Why haven't I seen it before! It was so good... It was so sad! The story wasn't as I expected. If you've seen it before... I missed the first few minutes, so I don't know WHO Morgan Freeman was writing the letter to. Do we know? Does it make a difference to the story? I'm going to have to watch it again. I usually watch things I've seen a bazillion times so that I can concentrate on cutting up bits of paper and not the storyline. Good thing this movie lasted 3 hours. I needed that much time to finish my layout because I kept getting distracted.

Hmmm.... oh, hey! Do you get the Making Memories newsletter? If you don't then you missed a little preview! I was asked to participate in a 4 product challenge with two other designers. On 20th I get to see what we all did and how we used the product differently. I love seeing those product challenges in the big magazines, so it was fun to play along. I am anxious to see what they did! We got to play with the new Noteworthy line, which was a lot of fun. The ribbon itself is so delicious! I'll be sure to post back here on the 20th, which is Tuesday.
If you want to sign up for the newsletter, you can do so here.

If you want to see my little blurb, you can check it out here.

Making Memories' blog is definitely one of my favorite manufacturer blogs. They update often and always have something inspiring to share. Be sure to check it out!

Before I go.... tomorrow Steve is taking a promotional exam so please wish him luck! He is currently an Engineer, but they are testing to replace a Captain who recently resigned. He has been struggling with the decision as to whether to apply because he is happy with his current position. He posed a good question about it too. Do you HAVE to want to climb the promotional ladder where you work? Can't you find a position you like and stay there? If it's about the money, everyone would want to be Fire Chief, right? So let's all cross our fingers that they find the best candidate for the position, and that my dear hubby feels satisfied about the path he chooses to take.

Have a great week! Was it hot there? It was a scorcher here this weekend. My kiddos were outside all weekend! It went from 70-90 overnight! The weather can be so unpredictable here, though, that we will likely be in parkas midweek, lol.


  1. holy were busy!!

    good luck to Steve!!


  2. Lovin' the peek, and good luck to your hubby!

  3. Yay for sneaks! I am soo looking forward to the june kit, from what i see, i will love it even more than i love the one sprawled out all over my scrap desk right now!
    good luck to steve with his decision!

  4. Jenn (scraprascal)7:35 AM

    Ooooh baby...I really wish you'd quit being so dang good!! LOL Show us an ugly layout or something, really, c'mon!!!

    Good luck to your hubby!

  5. Such cute cute pics! This heat has just been insane huh!
    Good luck to Steve and if it is meant to be it will happen. That is what we always say :)
    Can't wait to see your projects in their entirety.
    and even better yet. STALKING the MM blog...I can't wait for your layout girl!

  6. These are wonderful. Great colors!

  7. Gorgeous sneaks!! And I can't wait to see your MM are just on fire these days girl! Loving it!!

    Good luck to your hubby and his career decisions...those are always hard.


  8. First time I visited your blog - beautiful photos! I'm new to SC with my first kit arriving a couple days ago and I AM LOVING IT! I think I want all the new kits just by the sneak peek.

    Oh and in the movie he is writing the letter to Clint's daughter that he continued to write to for years but always got the letters returned to him.