Sunday, May 04, 2008

Worldwin winner!

It looks like I need to do Worldwin giveaways more often.... more people need to play with! In any event, I decided to use to give me a winner, and it chose #6.


Cass! I need your address!

Thanks for playing along, ladies!

Well, we made it through the birthday party yesterday, lol. Morgan wore her hair down, because while could care less about the singing, she does realize that she already had the Hannah Montana hair, and didn't need a wig.

Someone made brownie Ipods, which were kinda cute. And messy. Licorice headsets and gummy dials, etc. They were funny. And Morgan came home with a Hannah ring, pen, notepad, goodie box, etc., etc., etc. eeeeeeeeeeetc. It was fun!

I'll leave you with a little layout I did using Scenic Route's Lynden line. Isn't it pretty! I really liked the floral paper so decided to use it as the background. Is there a sweeter sign of spring than grassheads from preschool and dandelions from the yard? Not so much. But i have to laugh when I go outside and see that the neighbor's are dandelion free and yet i have them EVERYWHERE. I guess that's a sign there are small carefree girls at my house, huh?

Have a great Sunday! Davinie


  1. yay i used some lynden this weekend too, it is sooo yummy, and you always make the most perfect flowers out of your paper!! so envious!
    happy week to you!

  2. Love those cute flowers! :)

  3. This is soo stinkin cute Dav! You do make the cutest flowers! You need to share your secret of flower making with me. I promise not to tell a soul ;)

  4. Such a sweet layout Dav! Love it!