Friday, June 20, 2008

Dreams coming true and a little peek

When I was a little girl of 3 I was put in ballet. I LOVED it. But then my parents separated and later divorced, and after I was 8 years old Mom didn't sign me up for ballet anymore. Because of our new life and our new life stressors and being the eldest of four with a single mom, etc., etc., I didn't even ask to sign up becuase I knew it wasn't a possibility anymore. We moved to a new state, had a new standard of living, and I became the second parent of sorts. But I have to tell you, it's like a lost dream and a big regret in my life that I wasn't able to continue.

Before I even had children, I collected ballet things and dreamed of having a little girl who was in ballet. I imagined going to those recitals and how exciting it would be to see my child carry on the dream I had. And now I have two little girls.

I'm not one of those moms who will force my kids to do what they don't want to do. That said, I was chomping at the bit for Morgan to turn three and be old enough for the School of Dance. I signed Morgan up for ballet last fall and she has been very excited about it. But as the year has gone on I've come to realize that my little ballerina would much rather run around a bit more. Ballet is a little too disciplined for her. So next fall I might sign her up for tap. Or I might not. I'll ask her.

But TONIGHT, tonight my dream comes true. This may sound cheesy. But it will. She has her first recital tonight, and I may or may not bawl all 34 seconds of her performance. In a big way, it's representative of being a parent and being able to do for my children what I couldn't have or do for myself when I was a child. It's a form of therapy, I guess. If my girl wants to be a ballerina, I'm going to do what I can to help her along. And if she doesnt, that's fine too. It's about following your dreams. Her dreams now.

So wish me luck. She is the very first act in the whole school of Dance, and her performance is tonight at 7. And because this may be the only recital she's in, when it was announced that costumes weren't provided for the three year olds, I went and volunteered to make them. I got a few grey hairs along the way, but I did it. They are simple, but they are super, super cute. And 6 kids in a row, wearing the same thing. Does it really matter what it looks like? I'll post pics tomorrow after I get a few photos of her all dolled up tonight. I am SO excited. After her 34 second performance we are headed out to ice cream to celebrate, and then tomorrow night we do it all over again. This time with more family. I don't know which performance will be better, the one where she doesn't know what to expect, or the one where she does, but I am sure I will love every little second of both. I'm going to sneak in my video camera, so perhaps I'll have a video to share as well.

I can't wait!

I've been so busy with her and the start of our summer that I don't have a lot of sneaks to share with you from the July kit at Studio Calico, but I have one little peek here. Did you spy a little something special and unique to this kit? I think you might have!

Take care my friends! Have a great Friday!


  1. love the peek...but really love the dance comments...enjoy each and every second of the performance and firmly etch it into your memory, those times pass so very quickly..take lots of pictures and video...enjoy and cry if you want...share if you those little girls...

  2. So my friend,how was the recital? Any picture you can share? I'd like to know how you felt throughout the experience of watching your baby girl do something you love?

  3. Oh Davinie, enjoy!! I can so relate with you!! It is such a good feeling to provide those things for your kids that you didn't have! Can't wait to see pics!!

    Love the sneaks!! Can't wait to see it all!!

  4. I so can relate. Georgia took ballet when she was 4 and quit after a month. I finally got her to try it again this year (she'll be 7 next week), and she made it the whole year before she said she was done. I enjoyed that last recital like there's no tomorrow. I can't wait for pics. Love the sneaks!