Monday, September 01, 2008


Oh how it feels good to be home. I did have fun. But I am soooooo glad to finally feel like I can settle in. Morgan starts preschool soon and is taking on more activities this year. I am just busier these days so I'd like a day to stay home and organize. Good grief!

The lake was a blast. There was a ski boat and rafts and floaties and all that jazz, so we had a great time. I tubed, Steve tubed and did some wake boarding, and even Morgan spent a minute on a tube, lol, although she did prefer riding in the boat better. I wasn't on it this time because PJ was napping, but here's some pictures from the shore:

This is what Morgan looked like the last time she did it:

Oh my heart..... the poor thing. And oh dear, I had to go back to 2006 to find this picture. That means she was about 2 1/2. She really wanted to go. The problem is that she rode with dad. He's heavy, so the boat has to go really fast to get him up and out of the water enough not to splash them heavily. But you want to go slow because you don't want to dump them because there's a small lass on that tube too. So what happened both times is that the ride lasted all of 15 seconds because she was getting sprayed in the face and started crying before they could get going. At least she tried it again this year! I was just thinking that 2 1/2 was too young, but PJ is close to that age and she wanted to have a go on the tube, we just didn't get a chance to take her. But we should have. Someone brought one of those two seaters that looks like a couch and it would have been fun to have all four of us on one. I don't think the splash would have been a problem. Maybe next year.

We had a great time. It was still nice to come home on Saturday, though. I am just anxious for all things that fall brings. Fall is my favorite time of year!

So I missed yet another reveal night at Studio Calico, but I can now share my layouts from this month. I have a LOT of kit left and just ran out of time or I would have created more for my gallery there.

I held out the camera and snapped a photo while we were on the Ferris Wheel. I wish I had gotten more of Morgan's head in the photo, but all in all, I am very happy with this pic!

I just loved this kit.

So that's it. HI! It's so good to be home! Today it's September. Fall is just around the corner. Yippeee! :) Davinie


  1. Super fun pics - I LOVE daddy pics with their kids! :)

    And ohh gorgeous SC creations - you really rawked the kit. Beautiful - love your work! :)

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  3. These are GORGEOUS creations! I LOVE them all...and what fun photographs too! Glad you are back safe and sound too. xoxo
    Lots of love and blessings,

  4. You look like you had a great time at the river! What great photos.

    Your layouts are lovely. I am really looking forward to getting my kit this month. Can't wait!

  5. Love the lake pics! Brave little girl to try to tube! Gorgeous SC LOs, can't wait for my kit to arrive!

  6. I love what you did with the kit. Your pages are beautiful.
    How cute is that photo of Morgan on the tube @ 2 1/2. It sounds like you all had a great time.

  7. Those photos look like way too much fun.
    And I love you lo's!

  8. awesome photos, it looks like you had a wonderful time!!! I LOVE the layouts--they are all gorgeous!!

  9. Hey Dav!Glad to see ya back!
    LOVE your photo's and oh man what gorgeous layouts!!

  10. Holey Cuteness girl! You're so flippin talented! Love the family photos too! So fun!

  11. Donna6:22 PM

    The color combos in this layout are gorgeous !! SOunds like you had a crazy busy summer. Fall is my favorite season too...just wish winter didn't have to follow on its heels.

  12. Great pictures and layouts!
    I especially love the ferris wheel photo and how you scrapbooked it!

  13. Love those pics. I know they'll end up on some great LOs!
    You rocked that iconic like it was nobody's business!!!!

  14. J'adore tes réalisations toutes belles et toutes colorées, fékicitations !!!

  15. Ohhhh such fun and beautiful projects Dav! Looks like you had such a wonderful time----but I know how it feels to finally feel like you can settle into a familiar routine. Love you darling creations.

  16. What fun camping photos...those will make for some great layouts! Glad that you are home though...especially if you are!

    Great projects...each one is fabulous!


  17. I cant believe I haven't noticed just how much Morgan looks like Steve. The picture on the tube totally shows that!

    Hope you have a great week at HOME!

  18. Man, that is almost too much good stuff at once! Everyone of your creations are just so creative!

  19. Looks like you had a great time. Isn't it nice to be home though? Your projects and LO's with this months SC kit are beautiful! I got to see some of your PP projects IRL at CHA and they were even more beautiful in person. :-)

  20. LOVE your layouts!!!