Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Hodge Podge of Scrappiness....

Oh, the things kids say. Yesterday morning Morgan came up to me and said:


Cutie Patootie

means Cute......

in Spanish.


I think she has been watching Dora the Explorer a bit much, lol. Wouldn't you agree?

I've had a busy week this week.... lots of scrappy assignments, and work and life stuff mixed in. Steve was deer hunting the last two weekends, and leaves for Elk season on the 24th. He will miss out on Halloween, because he won't be home until November 4. Why do I put up with that amount of time, you ask? Because I know how much he loves it up there in the woods. The more miserable the weather, the happier that guy is. And when he's happy, I'm happy, so happiness abounds, lol.

He was gone last weekend when my camera died, so I waited until he got home to relay the bad news and talk about what to do. It was extremely stressful to purchase a new one because I wasn't anticipating the purchase, so hadn't done a lot of research, and they are all so darn expensive, so I was stressed about that too. I was also in a rush because I needed to take photos! In the end I got this:

It's a step up from an Xti but not quite as expensive as the Xsi. It has an auto self-cleaning function that is pretty cool too. It cleans itself every time you turn it off. I'm excited to learn more about what this bad boy can do, lol. Today we are headed to the pumpkin patch with friends so I'm sure it'll get quite the workout. There are going to be pony rides, so Payton is going to be in heaven. That girl has found something to be passionate about. In fact, it has already got me thinking ahead to Christmas. I think we are going to get her one of these:

If you have one of these beauties or know anything about them, let me know. It's a lot of money to fork out if it's going to malfunction and not work on the first day, know what I mean?

My busy week included the November kit from Studio Calico. This kit is another one of my favorites, I think. I just love the new October Afternoon and this kit is packed with it. YUM. Here's a couple of peeks:

I'll have more peeks up before reveal night which is..... a week from now. The 27th. Good grief, the end of the month is coming up quick. It's almost Halloween!

Before I go I wanted to share a Pink Paislee layout that uses both the Vintage Moon and Pop Fashion lines. I also mixed in some Autumn Leaves/Heather Bailey and some Anna Griffin flowers from one of the add-ons from the Confections kit at Studio Calico, I believe. I trimmed off one side of the topsider sticker so that it would fit my 8 1/2 x 11 layout. That's Morgan and her cousin, Raegan. They are both taking tap dancing together this year. It's good for them to get more time together, and I'm hoping it will inspire Morgan to actually perform at the Spring recital. $60 is due by November 1 for costumes so that's a lot of money if she isn't going to do it! Crossing my fingers already.... Is it a bad sign that we can't even get her to practice some of the moves she does in class when she's at home? She doesn't have a problem "performing" during class time, but she is not interested in practicing during the week, especially if it's something that dad might see. This is NOT a good sign, lol.

Have a great Sunday! Tomorrow I'll be able to share my card from the second challenge at the Cardalicious blog. It was a really fun challenge! I used leftover kit contents from the current Studio Calico kit, Looking Glass, for this card. I just had to! You'll know what I mean when the second challenge is revealed.



  1. This summer my friends son told me that "cozy" is comfortable in Spanish. Too funny! Love your sneaks!

  2. Yummmmeee sneaks, thank you!!
    Hope you have fun at the patch, cannot wait to see pictures.
    Congrats on the new camera, the self cleaning would have sold it for me!!

  3. Amazing LO & sneeks! I LOVE everything that you do. Looking forward to the new SC kit. I think October afternoon is becoming one of my new favorite companies. :-)

  4. love the sneaks... even more love for the layout. so soft and girly and pretty and.. (i think you get the idea here?) :D my youngest is torn between ballet and tap dance at the moment and she has about 1.5 months to decide :D

  5. Yay! Congrats on the new camera! By the way, my girls would LOVE that horse, when I clicked the link I was expecting to see the price be like $200 or something! ha $39 seems reasonable, thanks for the link! Your peeks look amazing, and I can't wait to see your card this morning! =)