Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Monday yet again.....

Wow, it was a long weekend.
I thought Morgan had given me a taste of the terrible twos.
I was SO wrong.
Payton cries when she wakes up.
She cries when she goes to bed.
She is a bugger if she doesn't nap.
She's up till 10pm if she does nap.
I just can't win!

It's extremely frustrating that I can't even get through breakfast without drama.

Cereal? what kind?
Milk? ARe you sure you want milk? You do know that if you change your mind after I pour it that it's too late, because I can't get the milk out.
Which spoon?

Payton is all about having her choices, but she's also all about changing her mind, so it's quite a bear trying to determine if she truly means her answer.


Anyway, Steve worked on Friday and Saturday so I had the girls to myself. On Saturday afternoon we went to the store for a birthday present and I noticed a big sale with extra coupons, etc., so for the first time ever I checked the girls into those in-store playland things so that I could purchase some Christmas presents really quick and sneak them into the car. Score! I guess it is mid-November so it's not too early to get my list checked. It was amazing how many pink packages I had when I loaded up the car. Too funny. My girls are into girly things!

Sunday we went to a birthday party at an indoor facility that was full of bouncy houses. The kids loved it. Payton didn't like the bouncy toys, but there were other distractions that she entertained herself with so it was all good.

After we got home I made my card for the Cardalicious blog. This week the challenge was to use at least three circles on our card. I took this opportunity to play with one of my favorite lines from Cosmo Cricket, Mr Campy, and put together this card.

I am in LOVE with these alphas from Basic Grey. I could seriously use them on everything. And here's a little hint for those of you stalking the December kit from Studio Calico. I just got MORE alphas with that kit. White ones. Yippee!
Anyway, the circles on this card are Bazzill chipboard pieces covered with more Mr Campy. I had a hard time deciding what sentiment to use, but because of size decided to go with something short.

Before I go I wanted to share a bit of my project for the Lifetime Moments newsletter. You can view the project and get instrusctions here. You can also follow that link to sign up for the newsletter. My project is day 3 of 30 days of great ideas! Again, this uses the Tinsel Town line from Pink Paislee!

Have a great Monday! If you have any tips on those 2 year old "terribles", please let me know! :)


  1. Give Payton a small little creamer cup thingie with milk in it, and a bowl of dry cereal. She gets to be in charge of how much she pours in.. that's the only way I was able to get R to eat cereal with any milk in it at all!

  2. I love the project you did! I signed up for the newsletter and loved the other ideas on there also! No advice really, except to set your limits! If you don't they'll just keep doing everything their way making you adjust to them instead of the other way around.

  3. Wow, Davinie, I just love this little project. Saving the instructions now! Stunning work.

  4. You just described my 3yo daughter. Some mornings she'll cry because she doesn't know what she wants for breakfast. Ugh - talk about drama!

  5. Davinie, your creations are amazing as usual! love your g'bye card with the cars, what a PRECIOUS use of that paper and your pp is BEYOND!

  6. LOVE your gorgeous designs Davinie.. and hang in there with your little one, been there, done that, I feel for ya! (((hugs)))

  7. Gorgeous projects, especially that house! :)

    As for the terrible two' wait until the trechourous (sp?) three's.... 3's were bad, really bad. So glad I'm out of those!

  8. sounds like fun times for you! *wink* - hopefully she'll outgrow the mind changing thing! And good for you on getting some shopping done early! I need to this year. And as always - your projects are drool factors of pure amazingness. Love them all!

  9. Love these creations!! The G'Bye is such a great saying, short and perfect! And the wall hanging is gorgeous too!

    I'm going through the same thing with Kati now and she's 3. Although she is not near as bad as Taylor was. In fact I got 2 hours of sleep last night, because she woke up at 1:30 wide awake and I tried to get her back to sleep for HOURS. Nope. Didn't want to! We were up all night. GRRR! She was happy but just didn't want to sleep. =(


  10. My dd is four and we sometimes still have some episodes. Thankfully, they're few and far between. (Yesterday, she lost it because my dh made a cake mix cake and she wanted to help, but missed out because she was watching tv. She cried for a while, got over it, remembered about the cake and then started all over again!) It sounds like you're doing well with letting her make her choices (but that can be frustrating when she changes her mind...)
    Great card and project! TFS!

  11. I love your projects!!! everything is beautiful! looks like we have very similar tastes in baby girl names! I LOVE the name Payton too! One of my faves, but my really good friend's daughter is Payton, so it was out for us! :)

  12. Awesome project and card! You always inspire. As for Payton, I have no advice...sorry!

  13. hang in there. sorry no advice for you hear but if it helps we are starting to enter the same phase. Our little boy wants yogurt at least three times a day and keeps going to the fridge until we get him some.

  14. Some say I am still going through my terrible twos. :o) I am sorry you are going through that at the moment. I hope it passes by quickly.

    Your card is awesome! I love Mr. Campy and used a bit this past weekend, too. Your Lifetime Moments project is just beautiful. Can't wait to check out the instructions in depth.

  15. I have no advice on the terrible twos, I'm just bracing myself for them. I love those mini alphas too, aren't they just the best? Nicole S. and I haven't worked out all our travel plans yet, it's a work in progress. But I'd love to meet you!

  16. Love your creations girl - you are just about too cool! ;o)

  17. Bless your sweet heart!! Just remember this too shall pass and you will be where I am before you know it (children who are all grown up and you can't wait to see them if only for a moment!-it happens so fast!) Your chldren are beautiful and you are an awesome mom!! What an inspiration you are!! I love your work! You rock girl!

  18. had to laugh about Payton.. sounds like my youngest! :D gorgeous works as always.. as always.

  19. Thanks Davvo, for leaving me such a thoughtful message
    And will you just stop making beuatiful things and let me catch up to your standard?!!!

  20. Your project is just beautiful! I want you to know that I went to Michaels and bought the little planter bucket and when I get a few minutes to breathe I am making the snowball holder. You are so very talented. Love your blog!!!! Stop by and say Hi!

  21. My gosh, Davinie! The terrible two's. I must be getting really, really old because I can hardly remember them! I can tell you that things DO get better!
    Love both of your projects today. Very cool how you used the circles in your Cardalicious card. Love putting the sentiment letters over the top of them like that.
    And your Christmas project is absolutely gorgeous. LOVE it!

  22. i SO know what you mean when youre talking about what youre going through with payton, my son is the SAME way right now, so frustrating!! I looove your new card and little house wall hanging!! :)