Monday, December 29, 2008

Studio Calico January - Bibliography

Good Morning!

The January kit from Studio Calico is now available. It's called Bibliography. It was a lot of fun to work with!

The index add-on has sold out, but I hear Glossary and Footnotes are still available. I got everything, yet again. Studio Calico makes shopping so easy for me! Everything goes together so I end up saving money by just purchasing everything and staying out of a store. lol

There was also an exclusive stamp in this month's kit of a library card that is also being sold separately in the store. The image on the site is a little small so here is a bigger version. They've even included the dewey decimal system! lol I wonder what section you would end up at if you used that number.

Very cool!
Here's what I came up with this month.

I had fun with white stitching on this one. I am liking the monochromatic look and the dose of texture of matchy matchy stitching.

I also HAD to use Morgan's signature on that sticker. She does the cutest thing with filling in all the circles in her name. I just love that she does that so wanted to make sure it was well documented on a layout. My kids just love art.

This is Morgan on one of the scooters at school. Everyday when I ask her what she did outside at recess she tells me she rides the scooter, so when I was the parent volunteer one day I made sure to get a photo of her on it. She loves those things! She's such a tomboy too. There are a few bikes and scooters, and it's usually her with the boys. Go Morgan!

I used one of those Bazzill Just the Edge strips for my scallop on the bottom. I love how big those scallops are so I have been saving them. They make great templates! I then used the piece that I trimmed off and layered it on the red paper at the top of the layout and stitched it down. No scraps to toss away! And the bike stamp fit perfectly in my scallop.

This is the layout I was referring to on my Mustache challenge post. His mustache looks silly in this photo and we were being silly when we took this photo, but in the end I thought it was very representative of what he's going through right now, and had to do a layout about it. My big little brother is going through some tough times in a relationship that may or may not have ended after 4 years, so this was meant to represent a bird being free'd from it's cage so to speak. His heart is now free. Anyway... I really liked the Hambly birdcages. I spied it at CHA and I'm glad that April and Scarlet went with my recommendation to put it in a kit. :)

Since I already had these specific papers out, I thought they'd make a fun card. The flower with the blue button really goes well with the Sassafras paper.

The January kit was also the debut of Studio Calico patterned papers. I thought this map page would make a great card with the Cosmo Cricket chipboard car. The base of the card is also the "B" side to another new paper from Studio Calico. I love the orange ledger.
This next one was my favorite this month. It was like an art piece. I stitched allllll over it with different colors. I had a lot of fun here.

I used the negative from the Scenic Route chipboard house because I wanted to layer my chipboard girl in front of the house but didn't want the awkward angle of chipboard hanging over. I just used the little pieces that come out of the house, the door and the windows, and then traced the house on paper and trimmed it out.

I mimiced the pattern in the scalloped Crate paper for my grass, so I didn't connect every line in the scallop of my grass.

I thought this last little piece looked just like the sun so I had to add him at the top with a lot of happy rays.
The title came easily, lol.
Have a great Monday!


  1. I totally love what you did this month, every month, each month, everything and each thing. I was going to say "you'll be big one day" then I clicked on your "resume" link, lol, you are already huge!!! LOL!! Thanks for the inspiration Davinie!!

  2. that little sun is brilliant. =) love these!

  3. I know I have told you before, but I totally love your work! Your layouts always make me smile!! Thanks for your inspiration!

  4. Love it all, especially the sun!

  5. Wonderful work Davinie! Hope you had a great christmas!

  6. you, my dear, are very artsy craftsy. I love the happy LO and your rocking hats from your previous post. Love your work, thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  7. Wow!!! Great work as usual! Love everythnig you do!!!!

  8. The Happy layout is so adorable!! Love the fun colors and stitching! Of course they are all beautiful!

    That kit looks like it was fun to work with - those CC little people are so cute!

  9. really love the detail you put into your layouts..


  10. Gorgeous Davinie! Love all the stitching and the felt, there's so much texture to your pages - and the primary colors look fantastic!

  11. Just love what you did with the kit. I am anxious to start this kit club, but I am waiting for the one I am in to run out in a month!!! Your talent amazes me! Love the stitched sunshine rays!

  12. everything is so creative - love how you made your own scallops.

  13. These are beautiful! Just beautiful! I love the last one the bestest, it's so happy! Love the stitching and your bicycle stamping in the scallops of that other one. Your girls will be crafty like you. Always such great ideas!

  14. Cute cute cute Dav!
    I love the Happy and Artsy Crafty layouts. Those are just downright adorable.

  15. love seeing what you did this month! it's all so happy - makes me smile :)

  16. everything is perfect! how did you do that Girl!!?? Happy New Year!!