Monday, December 15, 2008

Well, Santa was almost outed.....

Morgan came up to me yesterday and said she needed to tell me a secret. She proceeded to whisper that she found a horse that twists it's tail and moves it's head up and down for Payton.

Morgan just found Payton's Christmas present from Santa.
It was the one thing I was most excited about.
So now we need to wrap that one and give it to Payton from Mom and Dad and have to come up with something else from Santa. I'm thinking Baby Alive?
Good grief.
At least she didn't find the Hannah Montana Styling Head that Santa is bringing her for Christmas.
Mama did a super cute transfer of all presents to a better hiding place.
EVERYTHING was in that closet so who knows if she's just keeping something back.
She's 4. She hasn't been acting like she's searching for anything. I shop and hide stuff when the girls aren't around so she hasn't seen bags or anything.
Must. Keep. the Spirit of Santa. Alive.

Friday night we went to a Christmas party and Santa showed up to ask the kids what they wanted. The minute they saw the big guy they hightailed it out of the room. Morgan didn't even go back in the room. I had to bring her a candy cane and when I asked her if she wanted to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas she said she'd send him a letter. lol

Payton hung back a little but she did manage to grab her candy cane and sit for a group shot with all the kids.

Isn't he great? He's a local policeman, I think. The kids even watched him as he left and said he went behind a tree and then just disappeared. He did a WONDERFUL job.

I didn't get any good photos of the girls. This is PJ just after she got her candycane. She still wasn't quite sure what to think, but she can be shy to strangers. Isn't her dress cute? I got it last week from Gymboree. It was on clearance and there was free shipping! Can't beat that. I wanted Morgan to have the same style but they didn't have her size so she got this one. Ooh. And the free shipping sale is still going on until Tuesday the 16th. There are a lot of cute winter stuff on clearance! AND you still get Gymbucks!

I'll be back in a bit with a winner for my Christmas gift. In the meantime I wanted to share my Christmas card for Cardalicious 8. Pink Paislee product here!

Enjoy your Monday! It's like 0 degrees here and has been snowing all day but it's so cold and dry that it's just blowing around and not a lot is sticking, although we do have a couple of inches. That's going to make our drive to the coast oh so much fun. NOT.
P.S. I LOVE all of the ideas for my locker! I do believe I'm going to keep it and put mesh baskets in the spaces with no doors. I think a couple of the doors are irreparable. Not a bad purchase for $35. Not at all!


  1. Great card and I love your santa stories!
    A couple of years ago when Sage was two, Santa showed up at skating lessons to skate with the kids. Sage was sitting on the bench, just watching, but she kept a close eye on Santa and her arms wrapped around her Tigger doll. She said that Santa was going to come and take him from her! I guess he has to get his toys from somewhere, right? LOL!

  2. Make sure to drive safe and check the road report!! I live in Eugene and I know multiple roads/highways around here are closed. Happy holidays!

  3. LOL! Love that precious photo of your DD looking over at Santa! She looks fairly terrified! Poor thing!
    I remember how much I loved Gymboree when my kids were little, especially when my daughter came around. It was my absolute favorite store. Still kinda miss it!
    Wishing you a very safe and wonderful trip to the beach!

  4. One Christmas I stashed an exersaucer for my youngest in my daughter's closet (she was past the Santa stage) and one of my boys found it. We said that Santa sometimes hides gifts at houses because even with a magic sleigh, it's very hard to fit in everything.

  5. I love the story of finding the presents from Santa. It's just going to get harder from here though! Better hiding places = places not in your own home! (one year I kept everything in the trunk of the car - that didn't work out well either fyi...)