Monday, January 19, 2009

Garden Projects

Top of the Mornin' to ya.
I am knee deep in Studio Calico and Pink Paislee CHA projects, but wanted to pop in and share my Garden schtuff from 2peas.
As I said before, it was an absolute honor to be asked to create for the Garden this month. I've decided that even though at the time I was a little worried about time constraints, what with my holiday vacation and Christmas, it was a great way to welcome 2009.

I didn't want to do a photo overload, so if you are interested, you can see the detailed shots of my layouts at the GGG gallery here.

The theme for January was "Inspiration: Myself" which had me in panic mode, lol. I don't normally do layouts about myself. And I don't have a ton of photos with my mug in them! I decided to start by taking a photo of myself in the bathroom mirror with my camera. This is what I look like to my family most of the time, lol, so I figured it should be documented!

I used my Slice and the Noteworthy Cartridge for most of the title. That cartridge is the reason I bought a Slice in the first place. Love it.

I am also still obsessed with that cloud paper from October Afternoon so I used the cloud shape as an inspiration for my clouds, and then I used the actual paper for my journaling strips.

This next layout is circa... 1984? When my paren'ts first separated, my mom packed up all the kids and we lived on the island of Oahu in Hawaii for a year. She went to college for a year, and we Alaskaan kiddos learned about sweatshirts in December, and left our parkas at home. I took a tap/baton combo class, and had a blast, as you might be able to tell from my saucy stance in my control top pantyhose. hahaha.

I'm really quite the introvert, so it's crazy to me how much I loved to perform. I wish I was still that comfortable in front of a big crowd, but alas, I am NOT. lol

2009 meant resolutions and I decided to do something different with that. First I downloaded Kate Teague's pillow box template, because while I have made these on my own before, it's so much easier to print out her template in the size I desire and just trim it out.
I then wrote a letter to myself. I wrote about my goals for the year, for myself, for my family, for whatever.
I'm not going to open this box until 1/1/10. I wonder what it will seem like, getting advice from my past self. And I wonder how much I will have changed in a year. I'm anxious to get to it, not that i want to be any older. ugh.

My last layout for the Garden was about something I love to do for me. A couple of months ago I took my first knitting class. I'm a lefty so it's been hard to learn from my MIL, and while I have found a couple of good videos on youtube, I spend enough time in front of this computer, surfing and actually working, as my part-time job involves a computer, so I wanted to do something that involved sitting next to warm bodies, lol.
I took a class through Gossamer Knitting and loved it. I haven't had time to do more than knit on some scarves, but I'm happy with how it's going so far, and I'll take another class soon to learn a new stitch, lol. Someday I want to... cable. haha. Speaking of which, if you are a knitter or love to crochet and are looking for an online community to get ideas and bond, check out Ravelry.

These next two were for the mid-month gallery, but there is a bit of confusion, so I'm not sure where they are. I want to share them anyway, though.
I took a couple of cute photos of my cuties in their New Years hats, so did a layout about the big things that are going to happen in 2009, like their 5th and 3rd birthdays, Disneyland, getting RID of the binkie, getting potty trained for preschool, and Kindergarten.

As you know, my word for 2009 is ORGANIZE. Part of that is getting my house in order. Now that our downstairs is functioning, we needed more furniture, which meant that we had to go out and buy a new couch. I was so excited because I've never purchased a new one before. Our last couch was purchased from our neighbor who was moving, right before we got married. That was in 2000!
Do you call yours a couch? I've always referred to it as the couch, but when we were shopping, they always pointed us to the Sofa's and Loveseats. We bought a set, and yes, that's the Loveseat, but it fit the frame better in my photo, so I used it.
Very excited! Let's not talk about the set we brought home, set up, and then HATED and returned. Nope. Not talking about that fiasco. ha ha.

Before I go I wanted to direct you to a fun giveaway! Pink Paislee has started showing their new lines for CHA. Today it's the Fetching line. Jet over there and post for a chance to receive the new line. It's so fun! You can check it out here.

Have a great Monday! Davinie


  1. love the LOs, can't wait to see some Pink Paislee sneaks!

  2. Love all your layouts!!! I have to go and check the gallery at 2 peas. We call our couch a couch, lol, even though it's a sectional.

  3. Fabulous, fabulous work, Davinie!!

  4. WOW !! You have been a busy,busy girl!! Love all the LO'S :-)

  5. great projects!!

  6. Davinie, while I never had lessons, I have self-taught myself how to twirl. If we ever meet in person, we shall twirl our batons together in front of no one. :o)

    All of your layouts are stellar. My jaw hit the floor many times.

  7. your layouts are continually is the dance going this winter???

  8. Your pages are fabulous, Davinie! How cool that you got to design for the garden, and how deserved. I always enjoy seeing your work.
    My friend taught me how to knit years ago, and I tried it for a bit, but then put it down and promptly forgot how. Never even got a single thing made. That's probably how my attempt at project 365 will go, too! Try it for a bit, and then forget about it.

  9. You've been a busy busy girl! Absolutely lovin' your new designs! Have fun at CHA! :)

  10. Good Heavens, where do I start? I love ALL of your layouts, especially the blanket stitch around the knitting one. I am soooo impressed with all of the layouts and hard work that you have been doing. Do you sleep? LOL

  11. Wow, Dav! These are just gorgeous, as always! I am so happy for you and your GG gig. Can't wait to see the PP CHA stuff!

  12. All of the pages are so wonderful!! I especially love the layout on Center Stage. Congrats on getting your big girl couch too! I love it!

  13. Always love your layouts and this post is not exception. Fabulous color combinations and you always add the special details that make your layouts so unique!