Friday, January 30, 2009

Studio Calico... February

I just LOVEd the February kit from Studio Calico and wish I had purchased all three add-ons. I'm kicking myself that i didn't. I wasn't very wise, lol (Wisdom being the one add-on I didn't get). That said, the hustle and bustle of CHA and Disneyland kept me from spending too much quality time with my kit, so I guess it worked out for the best that there wasn't as much to work with.

I took these photos of my girls at my neice's birthday party last fall. They were running around so much in the late afternoon that between motion blur and harsh sunlight, I wasn't able to get many good photographs. That said, printing them smaller and grouping 4 of them together had a great effect and I'm glad I got the moment documented and it looks okay.

I'm a repositioner, so stamps and rubons are normally a challnge for me. That said, this long border stamp worked perfectly with this paper, and the black against the bold pink/red color was striking when paired with the orange in the photos and trim.

I used the MM heart die cut for my stitched heart. I pierced holes in it and then placed it over the patterned paper at the top and pierced holes in it again. I then removed it and stitched both. I was inspired by the movie of the same name for my title. It's appropriate as Morgan and I have our moments, but I still love her to the moon and back.

These heart pocket purse was super easy. I think Morgan is going to use these for Valentine treats for her classmates.

Morgan and her cousin Raegan are like twins separated at birth. They love each other soooo much. It's super cute. I never had cousins this close in age or this close in geographical location that I could have had a relationship like this with so it's been fun to watch.

I used the SC stamps from the main kit for this card. I love the possibilites! They are just over 1.75 inches wide and just under 1.25 inches tall.

This last one was my FAVORITE this month. Favorite in a long time, actually. Morgan got these gel pens for Christmas and the first thing she created were these butterflies. When I saw them drying I immediately stashed them away. I love them so much I had to preserve them. She draws butterflies all the time so they often get destroyed before the next batch is finished. These matched the kit so well I had to use them! They are also my favorites yet. She is such a great artist.

The scallop at the bottom was made with Claudine Hellmuth's green paint and the white paper bag that the add-ons came in. I just painted, trimmed scallops, layered and adhered.

Such a fun kit! And I'll give you a hint about next month. I bought it ALL. lol

I'll leave you with some pics of the sandwich. It was so nice to still be referred to as such, even though I wasn't with the group this month and it was more like the Kirsty Stephwich. I still love my Nick's. Here we are in our Pink Paislee issue work shirts, lol, in front of the Pink Paislee booth at the show. We had an opportunity to work together at the booth on Sunday.

Have a great day! Davinie


  1. WOW I so love all these Layouts!! Very talented girl you are :-). I bought most of this month's kit. can't wait to get it!!

  2. Ooooooooh! That butterfly layout made by your daughters is the cutest!! What a perfect idea! And, girl, you look really good, too! Glad you had a blast at CHA.

  3. SUPER super cute stuff Dav!
    Love it all!

    Your CHA pics are darling!
    SO glad you got to go and had such a fab time!

    Have a great weekend,

  4. Jennifer.T3:37 PM

    I love the "wings" layout and that Valentine bag is the cutest! I bought everything excpet the "wisdom" add-on too... and I didn't miss what you said about next month's kit!!! I better start saving now LOL

  5. your layouts are beautiful as always! great pics of the sandwhich.....looks like you all had a great time!

  6. Oh wow girlie.. you've been busy again.. gorgeous stuff!!! Love the CHA pictures.. looks like you guys had an amazing time overthere! XOXO

  7. I so wish I could have come to CHA with Nic S, and met you guys. I know I would have loved the sandwich. My sister should be getting out the hospital any day now, we hope. Beautiful projects, looking forward to the kit!

  8. FABulous projects Davinie! I always tell myself that I'm going to order one of the SC kits and by the time I remember it each month they are sold out. :) One of these times I'll remember on time.

  9. Gorgeous pages Dav! I especially love the first LO..those colors and the photos are so precious!!! I love the repeating elements in PS I love you...sweet! Thanks for giving me a huge lump of inspiration today!

  10. Sweet things for my little eyes Dav! Love your work.

  11. girl- you amaze me with your work- i just live all those extra details you add! NOT good news about next month lol!!!!

  12. I can't say it enough!! I totally love your work!! You are amazing!!

  13. girls are so cute!!
    I LOOOOOVE all your layouts. You amaze me every time!

  14. Everything is so gorgeous (always is).

  15. Really adorable projects Dav!! Love them!

    Looks like you had a great time...look at you cuties in the booth!!


  16. Davinie, my jaw dropped when I got here, so many gorgeous layouts.

    I can't say which one I like the most, I love all of them, plus the free spirit from the previous post.

  17. Hi Davine --- I love the heart purse. Do you have directions I can get?

  18. OOOOOh my god this woodgrain paper (green) on the card is so great ! and I love your card sooooo much ! I'm mad about woodgrain things LOL