Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My life and times and some Studio Calico sneaks.

So the one time of day where I can count on my girls to have quality time together without pulling each other's hair out is bathtime. They genuinely seem to enjoy romping in the bubbles together and playing with their Mermaid Barbie's and tub crayons.
Last night they were laughing and hollered for me to come see something. As I walk in I notice Payton laying down in the shallow waters with her belly sticking out and Morgan sitting next to her. When I asked what they were doing, Morgan said they were playing doctor, Payton was pregnant, and Morgan was going to get the baby out.
For a moment there my eyes bugged and I inhaled, preparing myself for a conversation about our personal parts and keeping our hands to ourselves, etc., when Morgan took her hand, turned it to the side, and with a saw-like action, proceeded to "cut Payton's belly open" to get the baby out...........

This is where I thank my lucky stars for two Cesarean births, as it has given a small window of reprieve from the inevitable discussions that lead to the bird and bees talks.

(BTW, Morgan was breech and ended up with the cord wrapped around her a few times which is why she couldn't turn, and they don't do VBAC's at my hospital so Payton was scheduled but then came emergent where VBAC wouldn't have been an option anyway).


Anyway, I've been knee deep in Open House time for Morgan's preschool, and I'm also working with a friend to host a crop to help draw business to my struggling LSS which is scheduled for 3/14. Besides that and my regular job, as well as a sleepless 2 year old who's been staying up way too late, I actually have a couple more Studio Calico sneaks to share with you.

More to come!

Have a great day!



  1. yummy!
    funny story about your girls, too.

  2. Jennifer.T2:28 PM

    LOL My DD and her friend (both just turned 3) put tennis balls up their shirts, stick their tummies out and say they are having a baby, they think it's hilarious!
    Those sneaks are gorgeous, looks like everyone is having fun with those green thickers, can't wait to get them!

  3. Over the last year a couple of my LSS's have closed their doors. Truly sad. I hope yours will survive.

    Love your sneaks. Looking forward to the full reveal. :-)

  4. What local scrapbooking store? The one that I knew of in the Bend area closed just recentally. I'm making a trip over there in the near future and would love to go to a LSS, even if it's not very local to me!

  5. LOVE LOVE!!! gorgeous sneaks!

  6. Great layouts can't wait to see the reveal!

  7. What a giggle with the two girls and having a baby!!!! Love the sneaks and can't wait to see the rest. I just posted two LO's from the February Kit I just completed today!!! have a great day!!!

  8. so much dimension! I can't wait to see more. :)

  9. So AWESOME!!!

  10. Cute story!

    Isn't it funny that when you have a c-section, you feel like you have to explain to everyone WHY you had the c-section. I do the same thing...

    And I'm with you... if it puts off the birds & the bees discussion just a little longer, than it was worth it! :-)

    Lovin' the sneaks... :-)

  11. Love the sneaks! Did you get all the add ons this time around?
    I have to laugh about your DD's mine are about the same age and this sounds like something they would come up with too. Yesterday we did the washable tattoo thing and my young(age3) decided she would liek to have hers on her booby but I declined and gave her the choice of her leg or arm after I had a good giggle. She didn't see any reason or laughing but I did.
    Too funny! your blg always makes me smile.

  12. LOL! Yeah I am sure you were a little relieved. Beautiful sneaks, loving the colors!

  13. yummy sneaks...having two grown daughters, I feel your pain sista! LOL

  14. you've been busy! this kit looks very springy and fun, can't wait to see the rest.

  15. whoa. don't even know how i would react to my daughter if she said that. i'm still reeling over my 3-year old telling me she has a boyfriend. wha?? sneaks look gorgeous.