Monday, April 13, 2009

Reminiscing about babies and a sneak.

I just had to share this... I was looking through some miscellaneous folders in my photo folder and came across this baby announcement that my sister made when Payton was born.

Couldn't you just eat her up? Looking at this makes me want another one. And a nap, lol.

I was so confused when she was born, because she was so big for a baby born 4 weeks early. I was 35 weeks and 6 days and in COMPLETE denial that I was in labor. She was supposed to be a repeat Cesarean more than 2 weeks later! But no, I wasn't just wetting my pants. I was having contractions and my water was breaking. It's so funny looking back at it now. I lost my plug that morning and googled it to see what that meant, lol, and found out that you can do that a few weeks before having the baby. But then I kept having a pain and leaking a bit. I had no idea what was going on, but I called my doctor and they suggested I come in just to make sure it wasn't amniotic fluid, lol. I had nothing in my house at the time, so I broke out a panty liner, LOL, had my sister come watch Morgan, and away I went to the doctor's office. I walked in, said hello to the receptionist, and the rest of my water bursted and gushed all over the place. LOL.

Oh the memories.

Anyway... feeling a bit sentimental about my babies gone by.

She was 4 weeks early, coming via an emergent Cesarean rather than a planned one, and then I swear she slept the first month. Really. She barely woke up at all that first month. She'd just open one eye, check us out, and then doze off again. She really was a preemie. I wonder how big she would have been if she'd made it another couple of weeks! Good grief!

I actually have the most amazing photo of the doctor pulling her out. The light in the OR hit my belly just right. I'd love to share it here but it's probably too graphic. It's an amazing photo though. My hubby captured the last millisecond that she was part of me. How he did that, and in focus no less, when he was a nervous wreck, is beyond me. The fact that I even remembered a camera during this whole fiasco is a testament to my desires in preserving family history, I'll tell you that!

Anyway.... mooning over. I just had to share. But I have something else to share that all my SC peeps will be happy to see! Check it out:

It might not be abundantly clear what I'm sharing in this image. I realize it isn't the best photo. But at the sneak chat last night I said I thought there were 5. And then I thought about it for a second and thought that there might actually be 6. But I just did a recount, and there are actually 7 stamps in the second add-on, and I have one on display above. Woot! I can't tell you how excited I am about these puppies! I'm going to turn into a stamper yet!

Happy Tuesday! My lilac trees are just starting to bloom and I just peeked out the window and saw snow falling. And it's cold outside. GGrrrrr... This won't be the first year to miss out on those fragrant purple flowers, so I"m crossing my fingers that the weather today barely phased them. I just heard on the radio that it could be mid-70's by Sunday! The weather is crazy around here, I tell ya!


  1. 7lbs 7oz and 4 weeks early? Wow, that's actually really awesome. I had a 4 week early that was 6 15 and I thought that was good. LOL I actually do want to see the picture! :)

    I know just what little bits you're so excited about and I whole heartedly agree! Thanks for the peekie!

  2. what an adorable little girl! your story is so familiar. ith my first i did the whole leaking thing, my first thought was, "no, i can't be wetting my pants now!" i was going in to be checked, and had the gush as i was walking out the front door (then again standing at the desk in the ER)

    love the sc peeks, can't wait to see more of that stamp set!!

  3. 7 stamps? lovely peak. lovin' that paper.

  4. Wow, you remembered a camera, you are good! Love the sneak... I can see what you are talking about... very Davinie style stamps! Hope you get to enjoy your lilacs they are one of my favorite things about spring.

  5. Holy cow, that is the cutest picture of your little one!!! SHe was so big for 36 weeks!!! Dang! I love that you were so in denial...too funny! LOVE the fun!

  6. in love with all the stamps this month. i mean really, how cool!

  7. Post the pic! definately not too graphic for the www

  8. I agree with the others - post the pic! :)

  9. I know exactly how you feel about mooning. LOL. Sarah, my oldest girl, was 4 weeks early and 6 lb 12oz. I remember all the sleeping too. How fun! Ummm I think I must officially take the SC plunge.

  10. Awwww..she's SO sweet!! What an adorable picture!

  11. I agree---I have SEEN the pic, and it is totally cool and not graphic.

    ....and I LOVE this picture. What amazingly clever person took that awesome baby shot???

  12. Anonymous4:43 AM

    You are going to love stamping, let me tell you!:D I love the sneaky peeky! :D And I love your birth story! :D

  13. LOVED this sweet story of how Payton joined your family. And I'd love to see that photo! :D

    My sister's twins were also 4 weeks early, and they were 6' 12" and 6' 14"!! They were HUGE for preemie twins! LOL. They were the only twins in the history of the hospital to NOT go into the NICU. LOL.

    So yes... please share that photo some day... :)