Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mother's Day card inspiration

I am so swamped this week with work and other projects! ACK!
My sister and I took our kids to get photos done last week, and they just got back, so I am in a mad dash to get an 8x10 and a card in the mail to my mama. I am hoping that if I put it in the mail today it'll get to Portland on Saturday. Crossing my fingers anyway!
I'm so glad I had some Mother's Day cards in my card stash to use. I am sending mom this one:

Worldwin Cardstock with hybrid elements from Shabby Miss Jenn's digi shop.

I also have this one from a card challenge I did at Studio Calico last year.

And this last one is going to Steve's mom. A version of this was published in Paper Crafts last year.

This last card was made for my mama last year for Mother's Day. I created it for my article in True North Parenting. You can also follow that link for instructions on creating your own.

Have a great Thursday! I'll be back soon with my April Project 12 layout. :) To see details on this challenge, please go here.



  1. Gorgeous cards Dav!

    I need to get my butt in gear and start my project 12/April LO started! :-)

  2. I absolutely love your cards Davinie!!

  3. Those are some great cards Dav!
    Happy Mother's Day to you...enjoy our couple days of good weather:)