Monday, May 11, 2009

My Project 12 and some Pink Paislee

We've gone and lost our minds at this house. We have.
A couple of weeks ago we were doing our family jog, a 3 mile loop we run when Steve is home. He pushes the girls in the double stroller, and I let the dog pull me, lol.
We were running along and passed by a house for sale with a Garage Sale sign in the yard. Out front was a riding lawn mower. We've been looking to get another one because our current mower is having some issues. It also didn't have a bagger and I was tired of the cut grass in the yard.
We stopped. Steve took a look. We jogged home..
And then Steve got in his truck, drove back over there with some cash, and bought the darn thing.
While he was there he claimed something else. Something for "free".
On Mother's Day he got the call. They were ready and needed picking up.
Meet Oliver. And Coco.

I'll let you know these little sweeties are lucky cats, they really are. Morgan insisted the entire first day that her orange cat be called "Sleeping Beauty". Payton then settled on "Belle" for her cat. But then I reminded Morgan that the orange cat was actually a boy. Maybe we could call him "Prince"? My sister recommended "Simba" from the Lion King? But no. This cat was not a lion. So I wracked and wracked my brain for some sort of cartoon with a male character that she might like so that I wouldn't be forever calling "Here Sleeping Beauty, come here Sleeping Beauty" to this poor boy. I then remembered a cartoon from years and years ago about an orange cat named Oliver. Lucky me. She changed it.
And then we encouraged Payton to change her kitty's name, because to allow her to keep a princess name and not Morgan would have been a headache I can do without. Her kitty is a little girl, and on her own she decided that Coco would be a cute name. I love it!
So Oliver and Coco it is.
YES. I freaked out a little when we went to pick them up. I hadn't seen them at all, but the guy said they were ready to go. This wasn't the first litter he'd had either, so I assumed it wasn't random and that he knew what he was talking about. But these kittens are babies, BABIES. And what did I do? Steve was on shift and I had surprised the kids with them, so I just loaded the car and took them home. lol
I'm pretty sure they are 6 weeks.
We've already been in touch with a vet, and they are doing just fine. We keep them in a big dog crate in our mud room at night. A litter box and food bowl fits inside so they are happy as little clams. I need to do that to keep track of them, and to help Cooper get used to them without worrying.
I just realized what a whackadoodle farm we have here. I told Steve we now had to get 4 things, but then I realized... we have
1 dog
2 cats
3 chicks
4 crazy Fiero's and
5 cows
Can you say layout? lol

Suffice it to say... enough is enough!

I am excited to share the super swank chicken coop Steve has built. He just needs to finish a bit of siding.

Anyway, that is the craziness at my house. Chicks, kittens, and two very emotional girls. Oh, and Spring. And POLLEN. So they are a bit cranky too. I don't suffer from allergies, but it's hurting the rest of the fam.

So that's that on that.

I did want to share a couple of projects. First is my layout for my May 4 blog post at the Pink Paislee blog:

I also made this layout about one of Morgan's color days at school:

I had a lot of fun with stitching on that one. And little bits of paper. It was fun to use some scraps.

Lastly I wanted to share my April layout with you, for my Project 12 challenge:

I used leftover bits from my Garment District kit from Studio Calico. The only thing I added were the journaling spots from Elle's Studio.

Do you like those fun journaling spots?

If so, head on over to the Studio Calico blog. The sneak night giveaway just happens to include these same journaling spots!

Have a great day! :)

Now tell me.... Adam, Danny, or Kris?


  1. Oliver and Coco are so cute! They look 6 weeks to me, so I'm sure they'll be fine. And they look so cuddly, too!

    love the LOs Dav, and I really do want to get my hands on the Elle's giveaway.

  2. OH MY Super Fluff Muffins so so cute.. Thank you for taking care of them.

  3. Valerie5:18 AM


  4. Love the layouts! Just beautiful!

  5. I love your blog, such fun glimpses into your wild life! I am going for Kris all the way, but I think Danny will win, Adam is too screeeechy for me.

  6. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the orange lo. love.

  7. The kitties are soooo adorable. Enjoy them!

  8. OMI!!! What ADORABLE little kitties! LOVE the way your girl is holding the one in the top picture... I think it realizes it will never be an "alpha" in this lifetime! lol

    and I LOVE the "orange" layout... awesome!

  9. Love your layouts and must say you're a total nut!! LOL The kittens are adorable--their names are the sweetest!

  10. You have cows? No way. I need a cow, but living in the 'burbs kind of puts a kabosh on that. My neighbors would have a cow. Hmmm... Cute kittens. I bet the girls are on cloud nine. I expect to see that layout of all you listed. :o)

    Speaking of layout, love your April 365. I have to get mine going. :o)

  11. OK Dav, I'm heading to Oregon to steel that 2nd Kitty away... I'll be there in about... 7 days (just kidding). I think I do need to get another kitty to replace my adorable one I lost 3 weeks ago... those 2 are adorable. Great layouts!

  12. Gorgeous layouts Davinie.
    And your precious baby kitties are so sweet!! So adorable!