Friday, June 26, 2009

Hand Stitching Tutorial

Okay, world.
I did it. I made a video.
Have you ever wanted to hand stitch on a project but didn't know where to begin?
Or do you already hand stitch but want to see how someone else does it?
I am Davinie, and I'm a left handed paper crafter, lol.
Watch me stitch:

Hand Stitching Tutorial from greg foster on Vimeo.

I posted this today on the Studio Calico blog as well. I thought it would be much easier to make a video than to try and have someone take photos of me in "action".

Enjoy! Don't make fun of me! And, my burning question....

Have you been saying my name correctly? :)



  1. you are a doll. and is it possible that one day i might stich on a layout? HMMMM?

    and to answer your question...yes. xo

  2. Nope, sorry Davinie, I've always said your name like Da-Vie-Nie, like you would say Da-Vin-Ci. After all, that's what you are like to me in the scrapping world :)

  3. Hee! Nope, I've been saying it (in my head) like davinity, the candy. LOL!

    Thanks for the video! I've got a layout sitting around that I've been wanting to handstich journaling lines on and just haven't done yet. This ought to give me that kick in the pants that I needed! :D

  4. we used to have that same table in our kitchen. =) love the tutorial, can't wait to see the finished lo!

  5. Hey! How cute you are! You sound different than I thought you would ~ ha!
    Loved watching your video!

  6. You are too cute, I have been saying your name right, but I heard someone else say it first. Great tutorial

  7. Nope...I have been totally butchering your name for months Thanks for the tutorial.

  8. Lol i'm glad you cleared up the pronunciation, i have ALWAYS wondered lol and def had it wrong. Great tutorial!

  9. what a great video! i love it! thanks for sharing and i haven't been saying your name correctly either. oops! i was saying it like BabyBokChoy. i'm so glad i know the correct pronunciation now too.

  10. heh! I am proud to say that I've been spot on in pronouncing your name! :D