Sunday, June 07, 2009

How to make a Tussie Mussie - Part 2, embellishing

After you have made the cone for your Tussie Mussie, it's time to embellish it and fill it up.

I didn't take a photo of it, but the very first thing you need to do is punch a hole in the upper back of your tussie mussie. You then slip both ends of your ribbon through, so that there is a loop hanging out the backside of your cone shape, and tie a bow with your ribbon. This creates a hanger for this project, and puts a great big bow in the front which is a nice accent.

To cover up the edges of the cone I made a pleat of sorts.

This is what the first fold looks like.

And here is what it looks like from the side.

After folding it to the left, fold it to the right so that the pleat sticks out.

Do this several more times until you have gone the length of your paper. If you need to increase the length, simply trim additional paper to the width you need, and tuck the end behind one of the pleats.

After the length was complete, I attached it to the top of my cone shape.

Filling the cone was easy. I simply trimmed several strips at 1/4 inch in width, and folded them accordion style.

The cone is filled with flowers and a bird.

The pleated flower was made using Emily's flower tutorial here.

For my other flowers, I simply trimmed floral shapes from Cosmo's Farmer's Market paper. I then attached all of the flowers to pipe cleaners.

I attached a pipe cleaner to the chipboard bird as well, and then arranged all of them in my cone, with the accordion flower to the back.

And voila! Super cute spring/summer Tussie Mussie that works perfectly on doorknob.

Have a great day! Davinie


  1. So adorable !!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  2. LOVE it Davinie! This was in my faves over at SC- thanks so much for the inspiration and the tutorial!

  3. This is great! You can also make this cone and fill it up with candy on a stick. Kids love that!
    Thanks for sharing!