Monday, June 01, 2009

Project 12 challenge - May

I can't believe it's June! Is it really June? I feel like I need a few more days before it's actually June!

Welcome to the June edition of the Project 12 challenge! I can't wait to sift through my May photos to recap the month. Let's not bring up how I left my camera battery at my mama's house when we went to the zoo and how I had to purchase a disposable camera. Let's just pray that the 27 photo opportunities I chose are in focus and have enough lighting, lol. The girls and I did do a photo booth which was fun, even if all of *those* photos were overexposed. Good grief. In the end, we had a wonderful time, the girls and my mama loved the experience, and that's what it was all about. Right?

I want to take a moment to thank all of the girls who have been playing along with me this year. It has been fun and I have been very inspired by you all! Stick it out through December, okay?

The rules for this challenge are simple. Recap your month on a layout. I am going to be working on May 2009, but you don't have to. Any month will do. If you are someone like me and takes 500 photos of a single event, you can't possible scrap them all. Use this challenge as an opportunity to put some of your favorites on a page.

Just link your layouts to this thread. You have until the 20th. Shortly thereafter (I PROMISE) I'll draw a name from those who participated, and send a little prize. What shall it be? How about.......

A Kaiser Craft wood Victorian Tag Album, and
some Claudine Hellmuth Landscape Green paint? The landscape green is my favorite color to use and I've already gone through more than one tub.

Think of the summer possibilities!

I hope you'll play along! Have a great day! Davinie


  1. Whoot! I sure am playing again here. So, I'll be back. Thanks, Dav!

  2. Jennifer.T8:10 PM

    I'll be playing again Dav, and I promise I'll stick it out, I really look forward to putting together all the funny/memorable things my DD has said in the past month altogether in the one layout. Very fun challenge! And I love that I;m actually *using* the JB calendar cards, instead of having them just sitting in my stash!

  3. June, really, June? I'm not ready either

  4. isabel8:51 AM

    hello Davinie... so here's my layout for may (fleurs de mai : in French !!!), also create for your pinwheels challenge ;-)
    I'll try to make other layouts for May
    thanks for this challenge

  5. Here's mine, Davinie. I'm still in March/09...

  6. Jennifer.T8:40 PM

    wow I'm early this month, here it is:

  7. Enjoying this challengen & using my JB calendar cards. Always forget to link my LO before the deadline but remembered this time so here's my May LO:

  8. Here's my April 09 page, I'm running a bit behind! lol

  9. here's my May LO. Check out my blog, the actual LO is now on the SC Gallery, too. Thanks again!

  10. Here is mine! I linked it up at Two Peas. I'm a slow blogger this week.

  11. isabel1:22 AM

    my last layout about "may"... On the 1st of may we sell the flower name "muguet" on the street... when you offer these flowers it give you chance for the rest of the year

    kisses Davinie