Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

On Tuesday, we decided to dust off the trailer and take it camping for the weekend. From Wednesday-Friday before we left, Steve and the girls practically moved in. The three of them were happy as clams, content to simply sit inside and wait for the week to go by.

On Friday I slapped on my "I LOVE CAMPING" face, out of love for the three, and away we went. We didn't have reservations, but decided to try out Wickiup Reservoir, hoping to find a good place for the girls to catch a fish.

Payton kept wanting a photo taken of her and Cooper.

Cooper was depressed because he was on a leash, but still happy to be along for the ride.

Both nights we made smores. Me, I'm not a fan, but Steve and the kids sure loved putting together the ingredients. Payton's preferred smore was a chocolate on a graham cracker, unmelted. Um. Okay.

The highlight of our whole weekend, however, was this:

(Please oh, Please don't judge Steve too harshly on his outfit. The fact that he's wearing crew socks instead of knee socks is a huge improvement. Really.)

Steve thought this trip would be a great opportunity to get Morgan going on her bike. He thought it would be easier to start on Payton's, so he took off her training wheels and Morgan took it to the edge of camp.

This is where the magic happened. See him holding her hood? That's all he did. She did three passes through camp with him holding on to her hood, and then suddenly, click, the switch flipped and she totally rode that bike all on her own. You could have heard my squeal across the lake, I swear. I did not in a million years think she was going to catch on so quickly! We live on a dirt road so we were feeling a little bit guilty about our girls and their bike riding abilities. Not anymore! Bike rider, in da house!

She was sosososo proud of herself. The most adorable thing is that after a while, she spent more time making sure I was watching than actually paying attention to what she was doing. I couldn't have been more excited for her.

Saturday we went for a little jaunt down to the water.

The kids fished for a millisecond and then spent the rest of the morning digging in the sand. Morgan even wrote her name, which was super cute.

After lunch we drove down the road to an old gravel pit that has become a small lake. We did that because on the drive up we were stopped at some road construction and ended up behind a Forest Service rig that was headed to this area to stock the pond. Since we knew for sure there would be a couple of fish to catch, we thought we'd give it a try.

And it worked! Morgan caught one and Payton caught two. All of them swallowed the hook and couldn't be saved, so we brought them home for Steve to take to work and eat. Rainbow trout, they are. The kids had a blast!

Sunday morning it got cold and started to rain, so we buttoned up and came home. But everyone had a great time. Even me, lol.

With that, I'll leave you with a picture of the girls in front of the trailer this weekend:

(it's a little green because it's reflecting our outdoor carpet).

And check out this photo in the same spot in April of 2008:

I guess they have changed!

Have a great night! Davinie


  1. I can't judge. My hubby was wearing navy blue socks with shorts today. Sigh.


  2. First of all congrats to the new bike rider! It is such a thrill to see them just "get" it and their faces are too cute when they realize they are doing it on their own! Second, your comment about your hubby it too funny. It is actually a joke in our family about my husbands crew socks and we are trying and failing to get him to wear the short ankle socks! Just won't do it. I just had to laugh at your comment! Glad you had a wonderful camping!

  3. You're so funny... "slapping on your I ♥ camping face." I can't think of anything I'd rather not do either! In fact, I've coined a phrase I overheard once, "The only stars I'm sleeping under... are 5 stars!" LOL!

    At least the trip made for some cute photos though! :-)

  4. Your pics are superb! can't wait to see them scrapped, gf!