Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm under a pile of scraps.....

but I wanted to check in. Besides being up to my neck in scrapbooking projects and assignments, we are having one of the busiest summers ever. Today marked the end of three out of four straight weeks of swimming lessons for the girls, every day. This may not seem like a big deal, but I don't normally leave the house every day, lol. I also have a bill paying job that, lucky for me, I guess, has required more of my time. So I have put my organizational methods and my to do list to the test this month. I'm happy to say.... that the kids have been having a blast, which I guess is the most important part. They really have.

At the beginning I was worried that the daily trips to the pool would become troublesome, but the girls have finally reached an age where they are able to somewhat take care of themselves and I'm no longer lugging anyone around, and it has made it so much easier. We have also been stopping by daycare and picking up one of Morgan's preschool friends to take with us, and that has been easier and more fun than I thought it would be too.

As long as I have granola bars to the ready after they get back in the car, everyone is a happy camper!

Payton is a bit scared at times, but I can see how empowered she is by working through it and acting brave. I'm so darn proud of her. Morgan is actually doing a bit of swimming, and that is totally awesome too.

It's been great!

Next weekend our family is taking a much needed vacation to the beach for a few days, which is one reason we wanted swimming lessons. The campground we go to also has a river running through it, so as they are getting older, swimming and safety skills are a must. I can't wait to go!

CHA is also around the corner so I have been knee deep in the new collections from Pink Paislee. I have seen peeks of the new lines leaked around the net, but the official reveal and sneak peek at the Pink Paislee site starts on the 20th. I have really enjoyed working with this release and some of the fun new products that have been created.

I've been busy staring at my latest Studio Calico kit too, so look forward to sneak peeks from that. I'll have peeks to share tomorrow.

As we head into the weekend, however, I wanted to share my layout for my Project 12 challenge. I mixed things up a bit this time. I wanted to use more photos, as we had a busy June, and I wanted to include some more detailed journaling.

Cosmo Cricket Early Bird
Zva Creative jewels
Martha Stewart butterfly punch
Jenni Bowlin calendar cards

I just love some of these photos. That top one of Payton at the pool is the perfect photo of her in her first weeks. She wasn't really sure. And Morgan had a blast with her schoolmates in her class, so I'm glad to have that recorded.

Steve ran two half-marathons and will be doing his third in a few short weeks. He's amazing!

And we had fun with the cousins, hosted a couple of barbecues, and went camping, where we took off Morgan's training wheels and she headed off into the sunset on two wheels, for good! In fact, Steve was a little disappointed, lol. He only had to hold on to her for one or two passes before she had it under control on her own. We were all shocked by how quickly she got the hang of it.

I can't believe how fast this layout came together. Really. The hardest and most time consuming part is choosing the photos! I challenge you to do it yourself!

Details on how you can participate in the Project 12 challenge are here. Remember... a Canvas album by Donna Downey is up for grabs. AND you have through Monday the 20th to do a layout! Just remember to link it here.

Have a great night! Davinie


  1. Love this layout and can't wait for the sneaks tomorrow. I'm going to look into the challenge and try to participate next time!

  2. I'm working on my Project 12 LO... will post it by Sunday I hope.
    Glad to hear the girlies are enjoying the swimming lessons!

  3. Your June project is perfect... I need to catch up.
    Glad you're having a fabulous summer!!

  4. just wondering what size pictures you use and do you use the 6x6 calendar cards or the smaller 3x3 ones? i love your layout!!

  5. Hey, is Steve doing the Steens Rim Run??

  6. Julie, I think my photos on this layout are 2x3. I did use the 6x6 cards from Jenni Bowlin.

    Sabrina, he's not doing that one. His next race is the Haulin' Aspen in Bend.


  7. Jennifer.T4:54 PM

    Just posted my June layout, I feel like I'm so behind this month! Love your layout Dav, I always look forward to it :o)

  8. Love love love this layout!!
    Have a great time away Davinie.
    And I can't wait to see your sneaks xxx