Friday, July 24, 2009

A Pink Paislee Piece of my Heart

(picture heavy post)
July was a busy month. We've been so busy at home, but it's also CHA time which means time to get booth samples to the ready.
I was assigned a few things from all the new Pink Paislee lines in the way of layouts. I was also assigned a mini album with the Cupid line and sent this fun 6x8 album made with an Accucut.
I started gathering photos a few different times. First I was going to do an album about Morgan's First Birthday. Then I was going to do an album about Sisterly Love and use photos of my two girls hugging on each other since Payton's birth. But in the end I decided to focus my energy on my sweet Payton Jayne. I don't make many mini albums, and so far, I don't have any that are all about her.
I didn't do as many projects as I usually do for Studio Calico this month, because I was 100% focused on this album for more time than I'd like to admit. But in the end, there is a huge piece of my heart on patterned paper in this little book, and I am SO glad I was tasked with it.
The design is simple. A few strips of paper and my staple, that darn Scallop Sentiment punch from Fiskars. I am seriously worried I'm going to have to replace it because I've worn it out! I also trimmed a few flowers by hand, and used Fiskars circle squeeze punches as well.
But in the end, it was all about the photos. And the journaling. I chose my photos first. Then I wrote out my journaling in Microsoft Word and printed out a sheet or so on cardstock. After that I put it together in the album. It worked out like an assembly line of sorts, but in the end.... I had a hard time sending it to Orlando! I know it'll get handled a lot there, as projects always do... but at least I have these photos, should I need to recreate it, right?

23 photos later and here it is:

The great thing about this book is that I used a lot of my favorite photos, many of which have also been used on a layout. I just love that they are all going to be together in one place. Payton will really get a flavor of what she was like at three.

Payton comes up to me all the time with some discarded item... a single shoe that's too small, a sock. She's always telling me, "we need to give that to Jackson", and we set them aside for him, even though he isn't likely to wear pink. I just wish my girl would be willing to hand over the bink. Seriously. Yes, I know how old she is. And no, she doesn't have it all the time. I only let her have it at bedtime, and the minute she's out I yank it out of her mouth if she hasn't spit it out already. She's just fiesty and I'm not ready to have that fight yet, lol. I don't see any 30 year old women walking around with a pacifier in their mouth, so I'm convinced she'll eventually grow out of it, lol. But I hate that it's in my house. Morgan never had one.

My sister has kids roughly the same age as mine, but Mr Kael is a Mr, and he's a rough and tumble moose of a boy, so my girls have a hard time adjusting sometimes, lol. But eventually they'll be mighty glad to have a great big boy on their side. Hopefully soon.

Let's pause for a moment and discuss Joe.

For the last four weeks, every week day at 10:30 we've been stopping by a daycare to pick up one of Morgan's preschool friends, and then dashing to the pool for lessons. Have my girls "passed" the two sessions they were signed up for? Nope, lol. But they are having a ton of fun and are learning to take care of themselves in the water, and that's the most important part.

Payton. Is three.

When you are three, you are... independent. Assertive. You question everything. You value your voice and you want it to be heard. And when you are unsure about something.... well, you often have a fit.

So even though we've been going to swimming lessons every day at 10:30 for four weeks, sometimes sweet Payton acted like it was her very first day at class, and wanted nothing to do with it.


EVERY day we have left the pool with happy kids who had a BLAST learning how to swim.
I attribute that to their teachers. For Payton? I bow down to Joe.

Payton has two teachers. Joe, and Brittany. And when we are home and I ask her what was her favorite part of swimming lessons that day, PJ will tell me it was something she did with Brittany. But actions speak louder than words.

That girl is ALL about Joe.

There has been more than one occasion where Payton is clinging to me and I peel her off and hand her kicking and screaming into Joe's awaiting arms. I do this because of the magical powers this boy has. I would never subject her to the pool if I thought she was being traumatized by her experiences there (although when she was dunked the other day the evil glare and her refusal to get back in the pool for the rest of the lesson certainly spoke volumes, lol).

I hand her to Joe, this adorable young man, who is not old enough to be a daddy himself or have much experience with a screeching three year old girl, and I watch as he transforms my scared and unhappy little princess into a beautiful, smiling mermaid girl.

And he's cute!

And he's a BOY!

Just look at him!

These photos were taken today. I walked over to the other side of the pool and missed Payton jumping in, so he plucked her back out of the water and reenacted it for me. And I didn't even ask him to. SEE!?! Bestill my heart, young man!

I bow down to Joe. I have no idea what he says to her, but often he'll bring her over to the side of the pool and tell me she has something to say, and she'll dash out and run over to me to let me know she loves me, and then she'll dash back and jump in to his rippling biceps, lol. They're young biceps. But they ripple. lol

Now that swimming lessons are over, I'm tempted to drive over to the pool and pack him up in the back of the car and take him home! He's adorable, and he's a miracle worker! Seriously, the next time Payton has a fit, it's WWJD (What would JOE do!?).

Anyway.... I digress.....

I love this photo because it was one of those surprise photos on my camera. She was looking at her daddy here with this great big laughing smile. I wonder what they were talking about.

Ah yes. A tantrum, caught on camera. WWJD? lol On that day we were just trying to go on a family stroll while camping for the weekend. Can't we just go for a walk?

In the end, though, Payton is a sweet, vivacious, tenacious, independent, and loving girl. I just love her to bits. And I am so proud to have this little booklet to remind me how much she means to me and our family.

The End.

We are headed to the beach for more memories, and I'll be back on Wednesday of next week. I hope to have nice weather, lots of sand between my toes, and lots of photos and memories. We are really looking forward to the trip and it's supposed to be HOT for the Northern Oregon Coast. SO eXCITED!!!!!

I have other Pink Paislee layouts to share, so if I get my act together, you might magically be able to see them while I am away.

Have a great weekend! Davinie


  1. stunning work as always, Davinie!! have a great vacation!!

  2. Jennifer.T4:12 AM

    WWJD? that cracks me up! My 3 year old and I REALLY need a "Joe" in our lives!! lol She starts swimming lessons again in September, I might need to fly Joe over lol
    And thanks so much for posting the album, and so quickly! It is soooo lovely and Cupid was perfect for it. I can see Cupid fitting in right at home in my cropper hoppers :o)
    I've been putting off doing my DD's "Being 3" album for months, thanks for the inspiration!
    Enjoy your trip to the beach!

  3. What an absolute precious piece of work. It's beautiful and I love the "play by play" commentary. Thank you for sharing!

  4. love it dav you are the bestest for inspiration

  5. Awesome mini, Davinie! Love it to pieces!

  6. LOVE your mini Dav! Payton sounds like quite the adorable little handful. I know another feisty little girl who was not giving up her pacifier. This little girl happened to have a speech delay and her speech therapist and I were saying you must lose that took her mom awhile but she finally came up with a plan. She arranged for her daughter to trade her pacifier for a super exciting toy at her yearly dental appointment. The dentist played along and made it seem like something that had to be done at 3 years old for her teeth to grow nicely. The fun prize that mom had secretly given to him as a trade for the binky helped too. It was a pretty easy transition because mom wasn't the bad guy.

    Enjoy the beach!

  7. I wish all your posts are this picture heavy, lol. Actually, I enjoy all your posts and every single last one of your layouts and projects, this is no doubt a masterpiece with "OUT FOR PUB" sign on it soon. Off to download everything. You are so talented!

  8. Such a beautiful mini Dav. Have a great time at the coast!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous work. I can't wait to get my hands on some of that cute Cupid paper.

  10. Someone has a little crush, and I don't think it's Payton........

  11. I LOVE this album - its darling - the paper is awesome - and wow - 23 pictures! Great job! Love the Joe story too - so cute! Have fun at the beach!

  12. OMG your mini is so so so cute! I love that mix of papers and the scalloped edges, and your design! Love the story about Joe too! Ha!

  13. Fantastic layout Dav....I just giggled at the post! Have fun over at the coast!

  14. ha! WWJD! You are a hoot, girl. I love that mini of yours!! Have fun on your trip!

  15. Davinie! I sooooo love those papers! There are so many prints that just go wonderfully together making your mini album just perfect!

  16. Hey Davinie! I popped over to say hi!
    I see you are ROCKING! the new PP stuff, BTW! love your mini album...I am still waiting for my box! One day soon I hope :o)
    Have a super day!

  17. ha! so funny about her Joe. too cute! beautiful work, too..just so awe striking!

  18. hehe Joe the swimmer. Sigh.

    And I am so in a mini book mood these days. So much fun, and I always feel so accomplished when I've completed one!

  19. Hey Davinie! I linked you on my post today... thanks again for letting me lift your layout! :)

  20. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Your work is beautiful, and not too overdone. Simple and gorgeous!
    And my daughter is probably about a year younger than your PJ, but it sounds like they are have a lot in common in the personality department. At least we know that noone will ever be able to pressure them into doing something they don't want to do, right? It's so nice that you are so in touch with who she is as a person...keep up the good work, scrapping and as a mom!


  21. I didn't notice Jackson the first time I looked, that's cute!
    I saw Joe at the fair!! Thought about you when I saw him. haha
    No eggs yet, but I think we are about three weeks behind you. That's so sad one lonely hen.