Friday, July 10, 2009


Yesterday stunk.
I reallreallyreally reallreallyreally reallreallyreally wanted this job and didn't get it.
I was totally bummed!
And then I realized it wasn't the right path for me.
The quote from yesterday's post is from a Dr Seuss book that I got when I graduated from college. Oh, the Places You'll Go.
If you don't have it, you need to get, it, and if you have kids, you need to give it to them when they graduate from high school.
It's all about choosing your path and your way to success, but it also says that sometimes the paths you choose are not right path, and you won't get what you want.
That's what happened to me yesterday.
I have thought this was my path for the longest time, and for the second year in a row, I put myself out there, trying to get my foot down this path.
But it's not the path for me, because frankly.....
"He's just not that into you".
And saying that makes me LAUGH. OUT LOUD.
Oh my word.
I am so that girl.
I went after that guy in high school, after that guy.
And he was NOT interested.
And I cried, and I was hurt, but eventually, I got over it.
And then I went to my 10 year high school reunion,
and saw that that guy ended up doing with his life
And I thanked my lucky stars
that he never said yes.
Because we were SO not meant to be.
This isn't the same because this "guy" is still the hot guy, I think we'd make a great couple
but in the end
it's just not right.
Someday I'll truly understand why.
But in the meantime.....
yesterday I had 5 layouts and projects picked up and an assignment from an awesome magazine for 4 cards,
so I am now wondering.....
what the heck am I complaining about?
I have value.
I'm not the only one that thinks my work is beautiful.
And that's cool.

Have a great weekend! I'm still up to my armpits, not quite up to my neck anymore, in projects. I hope to share them soon!

I also want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind words to me and for fun stories about seeing-eye dogs in relation to my post about my mama and her new friend, Phoebe. I'm so glad you get it! YES, if you ever have a chance to get a "reject", DO IT! They are the best best pets!

I'll leave you with a couple of photos of my girls, when we were camping. Aren't they quite the "hoodie homegirls"? That's right people. They have my back. Even if it's.... piggy back. ha!


  1. I'm so REALLY bummed for you, I really don't know what their problem is, seriously. But you certainly have the right attitude girl! Good for you. Now move on... and you know now what to do next year. ;o)

  2. I feel your pain sister! I really thought your name would be up there. But I love how you are looking at things! Can I steal a bit of that thinking? LOL!

  3. I'll be honest, I am extremely surprised to NOT see your name on that list. Whatever path you are destined to be on I'm sure will be super successful.

  4. I was very surprised as well. Your work is beautiful and very inspiring!

  5. well - i'm one of those that thinks your work is beautiful - chin up sister - Congrats on all of the pubs! Yay!

  6. You have value. You inspire. I can honestly say that I was very surprised not to see your name there, too, but your positive attitude is admirable. ♥ what you've said about the path, though, and can definitely relate to the guy in H.S. I thanked my lucky stars, too...

    Congrats on the pubs... :-)

  7. I was really surprised too, but I love your work and I think that you are great! Keep going after what you want, and you will get it, eventually!

  8. Dav, listen. You have value whether you have a million pubs or zero pubs. Congrats, but I want you to know that whether or not you make teams or get picked up for publication should NOT drive your self worth. You are a a smart, talented, witty human being. Remember that. It's their loss, not yours. xoxo

  9. Jennifer.T5:24 PM

    I came racing over here to tell you that there is seriously something wrong with "them", I have no idea what they are doing but they are missing out big time!!
    No matter what you get picked for and what you miss out on, I'll still be there stalking your every move :o)

  10. Oh, I was so bummed to see that you and Stacey weren't on their team. I love your stuff and they really need some "Oregon flava" on their team! :D
    Looking forward to seeing you in my favorite mags!

  11. Davinie, you have value and your work is fantastic. You're in my top 5 favourite designers, there isn't a layout of yours that I haven't liked! I am really suprised that you didn't make the team :( On the other hand, not surprised at all at your pubs...congrats!

  12. I think your work is AMAZING and I am incredibly surprised not to see your name on the CC list. *hugs* to you. Keep your chin up and remember - you are an amazing woman!

  13. You are amazing, Dav, and I loved your post. Keep on doing what you do because your work is beautiful and you deserve all those pubs!!

  14. I am a lurker her, but I have to speak. they (Cosmo Cricket) are foolish to have passed you up. Their loss... a huge one!
    I admire your attititude, because it's so true. There are bigger and better things (so much better) for you!
    Your work is stunning, and never feel that you aren't valued. Period. Scrapping doesn't define you, you define your scrapping.

  15. As an observer I just grimaced at how the finalists stage went to the final choice !

    I am absolutely tickled that you put out that line "They are just not that into you ". I love that attitude too about this path not being right after all, even tho'you've obviously put your heart & soul into it, Davinie!

    I truly hope that much better opportunities await you , Davinie !

    & certainly let not your self worth be defined by scrappy milestones either !

    hugs ,

  16. i just have to say from one newbie scrapper to a scrapping "celeb" i LOVE your stuff - I pour over my strends mags and really appreciate your stuff -- i think you really put your heart and soul into your stuff and it totally shows! keep it up ;)

  17. Dav, I totally understand those feelings and they are completely validated. Good for you for "keep moving forward". It's hard to look at the direction you want to go and realize that it just might not be the right fit. You do amazing work and continue to inspire me! Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. I loved your layouts and I love your attitude even more!

  19. Girl, I was bummed for you... but I think you rock and your stuff is beautiful! I hope you guys are having a great weekend!

  20. Well shucks! I just now saw who made CC, and I am very disappointed! Very much so! You deserved that spot. But I hafta say that I know how you feel about not getting something that you want soooo badly. That feeling absolutely sucks :( I'm sorry... but I do hope you'll keep on tryin'. Your work IS beautiful...and so are those homegirls of yours!

  21. I gotta tell you I was bummed not to be picked but expected that. You on the other hand--they gotta be NUTSO not to have picked you! WTH?! Yeah, there is probably a better path out there and I am glad that you see it that way too. You know you rock and we (your blog readers) do too. Keep on keeping on--love ya!

  22. Frankly, I am shocked. But, when one door shuts, another one keep watching for that open door. You are very talented and one of my fave scrappers. Oddly, I dreamed about you last night...weird, huh? I dreamed you decided that you had too much going on and had to cut back and quit 2 DT's...what a weird thing for me to dream. I dunno, I guess I'm weird like that!
    Anyway, everything happens for a reason and that reason will come to you, when it does..make sure you share it with us!!

  23. I've loved watching your work the past seven months. You continually inspire me. Keep doing what you love with your whole heart and your recognition and satisfaction will continue to grow. There are so many people that believe in you and your creative talent; but most importantly you believe in yourself -- no one can take that or give it from/to you! You Rock!!

  24. i too am shocked. i thought for sure they wouldn't make the same mistake twice! just keep doing what you're doing. even if "they are just not that into you", we sure are! i love your work and know that there are bigger and better things out there for you!

  25. I was surprised to not see your name on the list as well since I've admired your work for so long. I love your perspective as I am also a believer that things happen for a reason and that new opportunities often present themselves when we least expect them to. Your work is incredible. It's obvious from the number of comments here that I am not the only one who thinks so. I hope you're having a great day!!

  26. hugs to you davinie--- i am not paying too much attention to these things lately, but i just noticed and wanted to tell you that i am sorry, and that you are one of my favorite, favorite, beloved scrapbookers...i hope you are encouraged more and more each day.