Sunday, August 02, 2009

Scrapbooking your Vacation

I was at the beach for five days and had so sosososo much fun with my family. The hubby and the kids and I laughed, swam, got our toes dirty, and had a bawl. And as much as I truly enjoyed every second of our adventure, there was still a small part of me, anxious to get back home to my craft table. My messy craft table. My still messy craft table.
We got home late Wednesday night and I have already scrapped my vacation. I have done two layouts with many more memories in mind to document.
The first layout was a new idea for me, but one I think I will continue. It's a bit inspired by my Project 12 challenge the idea of summarizing. I decided to make a grid with cropped 2x2 photos, so I went through the 400 photos that I took, lol, and chose 15 that I thought best summarized what we did that week. Then I printed the collage and scrapped around it. I used my August kit from Studio Calico for this one, although I did add a couple of buttons from my BG button stash.

I carried the eye through the design by bringing the yellow to the bottom and the strip of blue as well.

It wasn't until I went to stitch the perimeter of this layout that I thought stitching a grid at the top would be a fun detail. You know how I love my stitched grids lately.

This is our third year at this same campground, so one reason I wanted to do a layout with multiple pictures was to help distinguish the experiences from the previous years. With the kids still young and in to the same things, the years start to blend together a little. We biked and did the teeter totter and the beach last year. But this year we were able to ride the train and actually got neck deep in the water in the river. I want to remember that this happened in 2009!

After I finished this layout, I went back through my photos and started picking out single photos I wanted to journal about further.

For this layout I couldn't help myself. I used the new Earth Love line from Cosmo.

I have more layouts planned and I love how this process is going. I'm going to try doing collages or multi-page layouts for all of my big days or big vacations, first. Just yesterday we went to the fair and I took far too many photos. And don't the girls ride the big slide every year? What did their face look like when they did it this year? Was anyone crying this time? It's screaming for a multi-photo collage.

Have a great day! Davinie


  1. loving these. we're heading out of town on weds, i'm hoping to use the sc july kit to throw together a quick mini to jot some thoughts while we're there.

  2. Your layouts are stunning! I love your idea of a summary page. So cool.

  3. Congrats on getting your vacation scrapped so quickly! I think I'll have to do that grid setup on a page for our vacation. Love the choice of the Cosmo for your 2nd page - perfect colors.

  4. Beautiful! Love the white space on the second one! You are quick on scrapping your vacation! =)

  5. Jennifer.T9:57 PM

    Love both layouts! I really like that green paper from Earth Love on the second layout.
    I like to scrap things as soon as they happen too, and I'm really trying hard to keep up with it all!

  6. so fun... where exactly did you go... i know you said the beach, but where? It looked like so much fun I wouldn't mind checking it out for our family :}

  7. the grid approach is just timeless to me. love your approach, for sure. great way to layout so many memories in one place.
    happy to visit.