Thursday, August 13, 2009


go to Dairy Queen for me today, will ya? On Tuesday I packed up the kids and drove them down to my local DQ and bought them their first Blizzards. I even took photos, see?

and then I got home and re-read the thread on Studio Calico, and saw that I should have gone today, THURSDAY, and not on TUESDAY, which is when I went. You see, DQ is having a big promotion today only, and if you buy a Blizzard you will be supporting the Miracle Network charity.

Good. Grief. I'm such an idiot.

The girls did very much enjoy their first Blizzards. Morgan got Reece's Peanut Butter Cups and Payton had some M&M's.

So go! Eat ice cream in support of me and my mistake! And charity. Do it for charity!

In other news... Morgan bit her sister the other day. She's 5 1/2. Where that idea came from, I have no idea. It's been years since she bit anyone, and it was never a big deal. Doing it one month outside Kindergarten at the Elementary school scares me though, because if she did that there she'd be sent to the principals office, before or after she was decked by the person she laid teeth on. So, yah, little concerned about that. Any thoughts on that would be greatly appreciated.

Don't forget to head to Studio Calico tonight for sneak night. The latest kit is delicious and has some of my favorite stamps to date. It also has a lot of Anna Griffin Darcey in it, which is delicious too.

Before I go I wanted to share a recent layout. I saw with the January calls for Scrapbook Trends that they were looking for scraplifts, so I went to my June issue, because it was the latest issue I had on hand, and sifted through it. I'm a huge fan of Lisa Truesdell's work, so when I saw her Peek-A-Boo layout I decided to give it a go. I loved her flowers with the punched circle petals, and the use of hearts in the middle. I used a recent kit from Studio Calico for this lift.

Lisa's layout was 8.5 x 11 and looks completely different. But that's where I saw that flower with the punched circle petals and the heart brad. If you saw these layouts side by side you probably wouldn't even realize I was inspired by her. But I was!

It didn't get picked up for January, but I still love it! :)

Have a great Thursday! I'll be back tomorrow with sneaks.

EDITED TO ADD: Studio Calico Sneak Night Giveaway... some HAMBLY. Here.


  1. DH loves DQ, but he's a peanut-buster parfait kind of guy. Love that LO!! What a great idea for the petals!

  2. we all love lisa dav and your layout is Fab and the biting issue just tell her its wrong t may just be a one off or so i hope

  3. You KNOW you are number one on my list, my friend! Love that LO, and your pics are sooooo cute!

  4. now *i* want a blizzard, dangit!! and it's thursday! but matthew + the littlest and biggest just went up to school for the pto ice cream social, and i'm at home w/ the sick middlest. sigh.

    love the page. i was confused at first when you said you'd lifted me, but then when i looked i saw the punched circles around the circles and i knew which LO it was before i even finished reading. =) bummer that they didn't take it!

  5. Your layout is gorgeous! :)
    I tried to go to DQ today but they were CLOSED. Bummer.

  6. oooh that layout is wonderful. and yes, i will go eat DQ just for you.) twist my arm!) :P

  7. those are great DQ photos! i do that date mix up thing all the time, so i should have put more emphasis on the thursday part. i'm glad you and the girls still got to enjoy it. :]

    i love your layout too... the flower idea is fabulous!

  8. Cute layout, I love Lisa's work too. Enjoy the end of your summer vacation and don't worry too much about the biting, it's a phase and in the wise words of everyone's Grandmother..."this too shall pass."

  9. I love the layout - I can't get enough yellow lately - so summery feeling. Oh how I miss DQ - don't have any where I live.

  10. Beautiful layout!!
    As a principal I don't see too many biters. :)
    I think she'll be ok. Tell her how many gross germs there are all over her classmates' bodies and she wouldn't want them in her mouth.