Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pumpkin Pie Playdough, thanksgiving crafts, and CKC-Portland with Studio Calico

It's the week of Thanksgiving and here in the US, the kids are out of school. I don't know about yours, but mine aren't necessarily in need of a break, so I've been pulling my hair out a bit, entertaining them while trying to get work and other projects done at the same time.

I did search around on the internet for some fun Thanksgiving craft projects, and the other day, we made these:

Turkey Paper Plate Craft

I'm a huge sucker for paper plate and toilet paper roll crafts. I buy cheap packages of paper plates just to use for fun seasonal home decor projects for my girls. They LOVE art this type of project works for a variety of age groups so I am able to keep them entertained.

If you want to do a different kind of craft project, try pumpkin pie playdough. The kids will feel like they are making their own thanksigiving edibles, and will stay out of your hair while you make the real pies:

Pumpkin Pie Playdough:

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
2 t. cream of tartar
2 t. pumpkin pie spice
1/2 t. cinnamon
1 T. vegetable oil
1 cup water
food coloring

Combine ingredients in saucepan and cook over low-medium heat, stirring with a spatula, until a ball forms.

Turn onto the counter and after it has cooled a little, knead until smooth.

Be sure to store in an air-tight container if you want it to last!

I also found some fun Thanksgiving worksheets here.

We are headed to Steve's parent's house for Turkey dinner, and I'm bringing the usual, Pumpkin Roll. I plan on making 3 or 4 and sending one to my sister's house for her Thanksgiving feast as well.

Libby has a really good recipe here. Speaking of which, I heard on the news that all of the Libby canned pumpkin is on store shelves. The warehouse is empty and there won't be any more once it has run out until August 2010. So if you plan to use canned pumpkin in your holiday baking between now and then, you might want to stock up!

In addition to my pumpkin rolls, I'm also bringing dinner rolls, and am going to use this recipe for that.

As far as Black Friday goes, I don't normally get too hyped up about getting out and getting the great deals. In fact, Steve saw a newscast last night that said that you can be tricked into buying below grade product on Black Friday, so be sure to read the fine print if you are on the hunt for computers and TV's, etc. It might seem like a good idea for a low price, but you might be purchasing low quality goods as well. So know what you are looking for! Me? I'm on the hunt for towels and knit pants for my kids, lol. I'll probably be okay purchasing them for 60% off. ha!

One last thing before I go:

If you live around the Portland area and love CKC's, tomorrow is your day! Registration will be open first thing Wednesday morning for classes and the vendor faire. Portland is as close to my stomping grounds as I can get, and I'm totally honored to be teaching a class at CKC! I'm going to be representing my favorite scrapbook kit club and teaching a class on masking and misting. The class is going to be a lot of fun! It looks like there will only be two opportunities to take this class that weekend, so be sure to sign up quickly before it sells out! Check out the Class list here. The Studio Calico class is being offered at 12:30 and again at 1:50 on Saturday. Sign up and come play with me!

Have a great week! Davinie


  1. I am thinking about going to ckc. At first it was just for the vendor fair, then i saw the SC class...trying to get my boyfriend drive up to pdx with for that weekend, as I dont like driving over the pass in the winter by myself (if i can help it lol) Congrats on getting the teaching job there!! :)

  2. Hi. Thanks for sharing the idea of the Pumpkin Pie Playdough. We are expecting that our little niece will visit us with her parents this weekend and I think the idea of playdough is exactly what will make her happy and busy for a while. Despite the fact that the Canadian Thanksgiving was few weeks ago I wish you all happy Thanksgiving.

    Take care,

  3. Jennifer.T1:42 PM

    wow that class sounds fun, how awesome! I hope those of us who can't make it too the class will get a look at what you taught after it's finished?

  4. What a neat idea! I can't wait until my little one is old enough to play with playdough! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Yeah ... excited Studio Calico will be at CKC! I just signed up for the later class. :)