Friday, December 25, 2009

Calendar Stamps for Everyone.... and slippers. and slippers. and slippers. For me.

Merry Christmas everyone!

It was such a hectic week that the blog had to gather some dust for me to retain any semblance of sanity. It happened WAY to fast for me this year. Both girls had a meltdown or were onery every time I went to shop for Steve, so the poor guy did not get his stocking stocked as well as it could have been. That said, he's had a rush of good luck on Craig's list, so the amount of money he's dished out for a planer and a table saw to do the finish work in the house balances it all out, I must say. I do hope he enjoys that bag of coffee and the new wallet though. heeeeeeee.

My Christmas list was short, but one of the things on it was slippers. I think I may have given my list to a few too many people, becuase look at what I got under the tree:

This first pair was from Steve's parents. A comfy, cozy set.

This purple, more boudoir, bon-bon eating style set, was from Miss Payton Jayne.

And Morgan styled me with a more slim fitting, Southwestern styled shoe (and I can see the purple frou frou fuzz is going to be an issue already).

Steve said they had buy one get one free on slippers, so lucky me. :)

I hope your Christmas tree was just as bountiful!

Steve had to head to work this morning at 10am (thank you Dusty, for staying late), so the girls and I are settled in. I'm still in my PJ's, Morgan has already made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting (thank you Easy Bake Oven), and Payton has already stamped, put together a horse puzzle, opened and shut the drawers and turned on the music to her horse themed jewelry box a zillion times, and eaten all of the M&M's I could fit in her stocking. And it's not even 1pm!

It wasn't supposed to snow today, but we have fog and a nice layer of frost, so the trees are white, and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Love that.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

Tomorrow is my debut post on the SCT blog for the Project 12 challenge, so I hope you are excited and ready to participate, once your craft desk is cleared from all those Christmas projects. As I've mentioned, I've seen the sketches, so if you are looking for a dose of inspiration, you will be very happy with that post. I don't normally follow sketches but I am one excited girl. I think 2010 is going to be fun indeed!

You might notice a slow month on the Project 12 front on my personal blog. Not much of a leader this month, am I? I do apologize for that and promise to be there for you every single month next year. I will say, I was over the moon excited to see who did participate in the challenge this month, and as a special thank you for being here for me all year, and as a belated Christmas present, all of you will be getting a little something from me, and SC. Remember how I promised one set of Calendar stamps for the challenge this month? Due to Studio Calico's generosity, all of you who participated this month are going to get them. Isn't that great!? If you are an SC subscriber they will be sent to you with your next kit. I'm going to contact all of you for your info.

So thank you thank you thank you for playing along, and for those who didn't, don't you wish you would have? You could have had the perfect calendar stamps to go with your 2010 pages, or any year, for that matter:


The empty alphas will be so fun to use. You can stamp them on themed paper for the month you are documenting, or you can color them the color you want... there's a zillion possibilities with these. I can't wait to use them myself.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend! I hope you get to spend it with those you love. I'll be back on Sunday.



  1. Well, dangit for parents who are sick and get in the way of one's scrappin'! LOL I would have loved a set of those Dav! Nonetheless, I too am excited for the debut of Project 12 2010 Style. Have a very merry rest of your day!

  2. Jennifer.T12:30 AM

    Merry Christmas Dav! A girl can never have enough have enough slippers didn't you know!?
    and thankyou so much for the stamps, you are the best!!!

  3. you'll have the warmest toes in town! can't wait to see your 2010 p12 debut. =)

  4. man how I wish I had participated! I'm definitely committed to Project 12 for 2010 though and love the new sketch.

    You had a slipper christmas and I had a scarf christmas...I got 4 of them plus some yarn that my mom thought would make a great scarf!

  5. Goof I'm ready for 2010 ... I'll try Project 12 ... Thanks a lot Dav ... La Biz La Delf