Tuesday, December 08, 2009

On a Christmas Tree hunt

Saturday morning we were invited to join a group of friends up in the woods on a Christmas tree hunt. Last year we went solo so were excited to try something different, as many of our friends have gone to fake trees but we still enjoy the real thing.

We had heard there wasn't snow, but we still packed the snowsuits and bundled the kids up for cold weather. And of course, as we drew close to our destination, there was an inch or two, which made Morgan very disappointed that we didn't bring a sled. However, it didn't take her long to find a different way to do it:

Don't you mind her capri snowpants either, lol. I am trying to stretch them out for one more year. Kids grow far too fast for me! Her coat is new and I bought it a size up, but it seems to fit her now too! What are the chances she'll pause for a minute and her jacket will make it through next year, huh?

We were up in the Ochoco mountains and hiked up and down this gully, looking for the perfect tree. Out in the forest it's difficult to find one, and in the right size. It seems you always see the ideal tree in the distance, but after you get up close you realize it's 20 feet tall or it's actually three trees really close together. ugh.

I did manage to get a couple of photos with the girls looking at me though. It's a miracle!

And after hiking around for an hour or so we finally found what we thought was the perfect tree.

Payton had a hard time navigating in her boots so she was holding my hand, but Morgan was content to trail in daddy's footsteps, as usual.

After our hunt we built a fire and settled in for hot dogs and hot chocolate for lunch. What a great idea!

After that it was time for the tree shot, which was when we realized how big our tree was. You really can't tell until you are back at the truck, what with the snow and nearby trees when you are in the forest.

In fact, our tree was so big, we couldn't even fit it in a horizontal photo!

We went vertical and that's where we see.... hmm.... our roof is probably right about where the tag is.

LOL! Oops!

Suffice it to say a lot of trimming was had in getting the tree to the right dimensions.

Early in the afternoon we started getting really cold, so we buttoned up and went home, and then spent the rest of the afternoon putting the tree up and the exterior lights. We are still in the process of getting the last of the ornaments up and organized, but I gotta tell ya... I need a squirt bottle to keep the 5 YEAR OLD out of the tree. Forget the cats, the dog, or even babies! I can't keep Morgan Paige Fiero out of the dang tree! She's relocating, organizing by type, picking out her favorites, HER ornaments, it really depends on the moment. But every time I turn around she's knee deep in tree branches and ornaments. That kid. It's all well and good until something is broken!

When we are out all day as a family, doing fun stuff, I like to recap the evening and ask the girls what their favorite part of the day was. It's always the most interesting answer. Saturday, out of all the things we did, this was their favorite:

The small layer of snow covered a very slick sheet of ice on the dirt road. The girls somehow convinced our friend Dan's brother to aid them in some ice sledding, bless his aching back. He would send them down the road a good 15 feet or so. When he finally gave up they did it on their own, treating it like a slip n slide. They had a BLAST.

All in all, a very fun day! And I took photos and documented it well so when I eventually catch up on my December Daily, I'll remember everything, lol. Yes, I'm behind. In fact, while I have supplies gathered, I haven't done anything yet. But I'm not worried. I've been taking photos and really good notes every day, and even if it isn't until the first of the year before I document our month, I feel confident that I'll be able to do it and not forget any of the details.

I've also been trying to do festive things every day too. Yesterday we made sugar cookies, and today after school we tried our hand at Rice Krispie treat houses. These houses were a BLAST. They were really quick and easy to put together and the kids had a lot of fun decorating them. I will say that they didn't taste that good to me, way too sugary, but the kids were bouncing off the walls, so they liked them! lol

They were basically rice krispie cereal and marshmallow mix with a house shaped tin pan. You could have equally as much fun with cookie cutters and candy. In fact, there are a lot of cute ideas on the Rice Krispies website here.

As for scrappy.... I do hope you've been checking the Pink Paislee blog, right? Yesterday was number 7 and they gave away 7 packages of pressons. 7 packages! And that's in addition to 6 of this 5 of that, etc. etc. This is going to go on for a few more days so be sure to enter for a chance to win some scrappy goodness.

Lastly, Monday was my first post on the Scrapbook and Cards blog. Below is a closeup of my layout:

I issued a little challenge, so if you are looking for scrapbooking inspiration, please check there. There are little challenges issued every Monday.

Be sure to check the SCT blog on Friday too. I hear the Winter issue is ready to share! You can see a little peek at the cover on the blog as well.

Have a great Tuesday! Davinie


  1. Great pictures! You'll have to come again with us next year!

  2. oh what fun and the photo's show what a great time was had by everyone. love the peek of the layout.. gotta check it out.

  3. soooooooooooo much fun. =)