Thursday, January 14, 2010

Studio Calico sneaks and craftiness abounds.

What do you do if you are two little girls, love your snow boots, have no snow, but have sleds in your backyard?

You improvise:

Honestly, they got the giggles so bad they only managed to go down a few times each, lol. And they didn't break anything, so that's another bonus. At least they were getting along. It was a blissful moment or two.

What's with those two and putting things on the slide? They were just using the slip-n-slide on it a couple of months ago, lol.

At least they are entertaining themselves for a short while. I'm busy.

I said I was busy crafting and I'm not kidding. And today I got even busier, because Pink Plum, Brook, and Paper Doll just showed up and I am in. Heaven. Can't wait to share everything. And there was so much the pretty was overwhelming. Get a paper pack and you will not be disappointed! I hear they start shipping shortly after CHAW so that's wonderful. I'm so excited and honored to be creating a few layouts for the booth!

I promised a sneak from Studio Calico's February kit and wanted to leave you with a sneak. Because I was so busy this month, I decided to make good with my overwhelming stash and just get one add-on this month. It was torture for me but I did it. I got Scones, the third add-on.

In case you are interested, that's DMC floss #977.

I'll be back to share more soon!

Have a great day! Davinie

P.S. THANK YOU for your gathering advice on this post. I hope to be able to share something I am proud of soon, lol. Next week, I hope. I have to! I want to take it with me to California! But if I bomb, I still promise to share the pattern and the gorgeous fabric I bought, so we can mourn together. heeee. Because it will be a shame if I ruin it.


  1. Have a great time in CA next week! how I wish CHA is in the Nor-Cal area. Lovin' all the sneaks I saw last night at SC board.

  2. I love your stitching on that sneak - so cute!

    and - WOW for the love of pink and orange - I am in Pink Plum heaven! Thanks for sharing the link!

  3. lovely peek, Dav!! I need to hand stitch. I watched your video tutorial yesterday... one of these days, you'll see :)

  4. You are always so inspiring!! LOVE the stitching too! Can't wait to see the full reveal! :))

  5. i LOVE the sneak - can't wait to see more. I will send you my snow for your girls - i'm ready to get rid of it anyways! :)

  6. What creative cuties you have. :)

  7. the sled slide? made of awesome. as is the sneak.

  8. that sneak is DA-BOMB! :)