Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey Mom, look what I can do!

We are home and getting the laundry going! Steve and the kids were having so much fun that we stayed another night and just came home today. It's Spring Break in these parts so we decided to take advantage of the break from school.

The kids were on their bikes or playing soccer the entire time. We did a spot of fishing and some hiking too.

Isn't it weird how fresh air wipes you out? I need a nap, lol.

Here's a bit of the fun the girls were having:

Morgan can barely take two steps without falling on her face, silly growth spurt, so I was impressed with her balancing act. She got up there without holding on to anything.

Not to be left out, oh no, not her, Payton called me over to share her own acrobatic skillz:

And that was that. Good times were had.
I am really happy with Steve's new camera too. He played with it and devoured the user manual the whole time. I'll have to share some of his photos as soon as I can pry the camera out of his hands to upload them, lol.
I'll be back tomorrow with scrappiness. Enjoy your night! Davinie

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