Saturday, March 13, 2010

She'll be runnin' around the mountain...

and by "she" I mean ME. And Steve. And our girls. And by "mountain" I mean that although we might look at them, because the Cascades are beautiful, in reality we'll be running downtown through the streets of Bend. Today is my very first official 5K! I'm totally nervous because I haven't really done this before (unless you count that one time I walked with my friend, pushing the stroller, and I don't even think I walked fast....). I've never RAN a 5k before.

So I'm nervous.

Okay, I'm not nervous, because I don't expect any prize whatsoever. My goal is to finish without walking. I know I can do that. My goal is to finish with a good time. I'm just nervous about that part.

The bonus is that Steve took a vacation day just to do this with me. And he's going to push the girls in the double stroller, which is @100 pounds. So he'll only be twice as fast as me as opposed to the usual 3-4 times. lol. But this will be good because it'll force me to go faster than I would on my own.

The other bonus is that it's all a flat surface. Paved. The 3 mile loop we run at home is dirt roads and hills. So really, I've been cross training. Go me.

Anyway, that's where *I* will be this morning. Right now, maybe. Wish me luck! I'm hoping I like doing it! Maybe next time I'll sign up for a 10k. And maaaybe someday I'll channel my inner Lisa and do something with the word "marathon" in it. Someday.

I'm mostly just nervous about the unexpected. You know?

Tonight, on the other hand, is sneak night at Studio Calico. And I'm REALLY excited about it. I already have 3 finished layouts, and the last couple of months, I've only had time for 3 layouts, so my gallery is going to be packed this month.

So I hope you'll check back! I will have sneaks for you tomorrow.

In the meantime ..............

This last week I was the host at the SEI Lifestyle blog. I made a few springy projects using the Jocelyn line. One project is this sweet spring garland that is now adorning the windows in my living room:

And now SEI is giving away the collection! Check it out here.

And with that I'll leave you with a snapshot into my life this last week. My girls were channeling their inner Olympian in their own version of the bobsled.

Enjoy your Saturday! Davinie
P.S. Studio Calico has an AMAZING sneak night giveaway on the blog today. Be sure to head over there and comment on the giveaway post. As soon as I see it up I'll link you to it here. I will give you a clue though. (American Crafts).
P.P.S. Do you have your Project 12 layout ready but aren't sure where to post? Check out the Project 12 button on my sidebar and look for the March thread.


  1. lindam8:48 AM

    Good luck on your first 5K! You can do it!!

  2. Good luck, you will feel so accomplished for sure...& I will sit here a drink a cup for ya! lol Those pics are adorable, looks like something my boys would do If they had a hill!

  3. you are going to do awesome!!

  4. Adorable pictures - good luck on your run!

  5. Anonymous12:58 PM

    WOW! I sure am impressed AND proud!!
    You go girl, you rock!!


  6. Anonymous2:51 PM

    WOW! I am in complete awe of anyone who can run at all, let alone actually be in a race!
    You will do so great, I want to hear all the details when your done.
    We'll be thinking of you!

  7. Good for you for signing up for that race! I'm too late to say good luck but glad it went well!

    Love those photos of your girls in the wagon!