Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This and That

April 3 hit and I've been one busy mama.

On Monday nights, there's this:

Tuesday and Friday nights, there's this:

And then Saturday, we have a couple of these:

Morgan's team is the Green Iquana's. The kids got to name their team. When asked what she wanted, Morgan's suggestions were... "Go, Team" or "Go Green Team". And she's a crafty girl! It was practically game time and they still didn't have a team name, so I asked Steve for an idea, he said Iguana's, Morgan threw it out there, and the Green Iguana's it is.

She played fall soccer, so she's back for more fun.

Payton turned 4 a few days before the cutoff, so she gets to play too. She picked out a name and lucky for her, there were no objections to being the Blue Dolphins. I have an extra day of practice and another trip to the ball field. In the end that's probably better than a mopey girl who yet again has to sit and watch her big sister have all the fun.

And to be honest.... I swear to pete my youngest is the most adorable thing on that whole field. I know I'm biased, but I'm not kidding. She's basically a year younger than all of her teammates, and she has this long torso, so she has these short little legs but she can be fairly fast. She's also not afraid to get in there and try to get the ball. It is SO. CUTE. Almost as cute as when she stops mid play on the field and waves at me.

Melts my heart and makes me smile every time.

Really, my only complaint is the weather. We've had two games and both have been at about 33 degrees with 15 mph winds. Seriously.

Look at these Michellin babies from last week:

Kids don't feel temperature so they were doing just fine. Mom on the other hand, was freezing her tush off on the sidelines. Last Saturday we heard it was supposed to get to 60 degrees so I didn't wear a windbreaker. Big mistake. I only got one or two photos of Morgan's game because I was too darn cold to stick my hands out of my sleeves.

Anyway, I've been having a lot of fun with my family, which is what life is all about, but I'm also knee deep in assignments so I haven't had a spare moment to do fun things to share.

I will say this, though. I have been feeling interior lately, and have been wanting some more homespun elements in home decor. And then I saw this blog post and I thought, you know, she sure looks cozy. I really like those pillows she's resting on. She sure seems like she's enjoying that book, and I attribute it to the pillows. I need to make me some pillows.

Jenn's blog post on the Studio Calico blog today sealed the deal. If I felt comfortable sewing fabric in a circle I would do the first example, but I think I'm going to do squares, more of a quilt block. I'm finding another use for that extra Nicey Jane fabric I have laying around. It matches my home just fine. I look forward to sharing that project! Oh, and in case you are wondering... Heather Bailey fabric is very high quality. I promise. My stepmom says she likes to fondle her fabric before buying it, but if your only option is online, trust me. It's wonderful.

Sneak night is tonight at Studio Calico. Be sure to keep checking the blog for the Sneak Night Giveaway blog post. It's always something good:

I'm closing this post and dashing back to my desk to whip up some projects to share with you too. Have I told you yet that this kit is looking like a favorite? Well, it is.

One last thing though. Do my photos look pixelated? On my last post I resized my photos so my dial up friends would be able to get here, but they look terrible. Blogger doesn't resize photos for you so it's a guessing game. Anyway, I didn't resize them as small this week so let me know how they look. Also, let me know if it takes you forever to load this post too. oy.

Have a great night! Davinie

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  1. Anonymous2:55 AM

    Little girls and soccer, love it! I think we'll wait until nest year for my dd, she's SO clumsy! lol I'll give her another year to get some co-ordination ;) You'd think ballet would help, but nope!

    And I've always found that your blog takes awhile to load on my computer but this time I actually think it was a bit faster (but don't take my word for it because my computer is this close to crashing :(