Tuesday, May 25, 2010


6 years ago I made Morgan a quilt.

6 years ago I didn't know anything a'tall about sewing (not that I know that much more now. I'm not much of a "rule" follower).

I picked out fabric when I was pregnant and didn't know what I was having. I really thought I was having a boy so I didn't spend too much time focusing on the girl fabric. Looking back I don't know why I picked this fabric in particular. I'm not normally a black, pink, and yellow girl myself. It must have been some crazy hormones.

I made this quilt when Morgan was little. I was too tired and overwhelmed with being a first time mom to do it sooner. She was just a couple months old when I gave it to her, but she's loved it ever since.

She's always called it her square blankie, and sleeps with it every night.

The problem I have now, 6 years later, is that she sleeps with it every night.

She has slept with it every night, even the summer of '09, when we had some issues with making it through the night.

So it's been washed. A LOT.

And Mama didn't think about that enough when constructing the darn thing, so Morgan's precious square blankie is in a heap of trouble.

What should I do? She's not ready to part with it so that I can tuck it away somewhere for safekeeping. It's becoming so thin. I'm starting to see wee bits of it in the dryer.

Should I...... take off the binding and sew on a new one? Purchase a whole new backer, lay this blanket on it, and buy new binding and just smash the whole thing together?

I'm not worried at all about appearance. I just want the blanket to survive another year. And it's not going to at this point. Look at that black fabric. It's grey, practically white now.

So I need some advice.

After you've pondered that, and speaking of quilts, I do have one last sneak for you from Studio Calico's June kit. I've gotta tell you.... I was in quite the homespun mood.

I will have some other projects to share here on my blog after the kit goes up as I finally located some mojo but it is after the deadline for my DT gallery.
Have a great night! And let me know what to do about the square blankie, will ya?


  1. Can you make a new one and sew just a little of this one inside it? If she's been to Build-a-Bear you could tell her she's putting the heart in her new blankie. Oh, and maybe frame some of the original and put it in her room?
    I hope a solution appears!

  2. Hey Dav....I know exactly what you're going through. While my 13 year old nephew would die of embarrassment knowing I am saying this, I will admit to "rejuvenating" his baby blanket yearly, since about the time he was five. It is now about 2'x2' and while he doesn't sleep with it anymore...he still hasn't gotten rid of it. LOL! Along the way I asked him if he wanted it re-done with new binding and backer and he said no. He liked the worn, softness. Basically I just ran my serger along the edges - each time removed at least two inches around each edge. I would ask Morgan what she loves most about her quilt. That will give you a guideline on what she is willing to let you do and it still remain loved.

  3. I would recommend a patch... do you still have any of the original fabric? You could actually patch it, or give it a face-lift with a whole new front, or a portion of the front... Her quilt will still be there...
    Such a beautiful quilt!

  4. As a thirty year old grown-arse woman who STILL, each and every night, sleeps with her baby blanket... my opinion is thus. Sew a duvet for her blanket. Sew it sturdy and strong. She helps you put the old one inside the new one. She gets used to the texture, weight and feel of the new blanket with her old one as stuffing... and one day you quilt the new blanket shut to seal it in forever. There is no salvaging a true quilted blanket like her original one is. Pick two big solid pieces for front and back of her new one, blanket binding on the edges, leaving one side open to access the old blanket till she's used to it, then seal up her baby memories in to her new kid blanket.

  5. fyi: Mom and I made this blanket pocket for my baby blanket when I was 20. It's lasted ten years (remember, I sleep with it every night) so far and there is NO sign of deterioration. We used flannel front and back in similar colors to the original, and double stitched the blanket binding so it couldn't come lose. So there is a good chance that this onee lift of her blanket is the only one you'll need to do..

  6. I have absolutely no idea what to tell you about the quilt. But I think it's the awesome momma in you that makes you want to try!

  7. No tips here, but I think it's so sweet you are making her a quilt!

  8. ok i have no tips for you, but i am embarrassed to tell you that i gave kati my blankie...yes, my blankie from when i was little and she loved it so much, i still haven't gotten it away from her. i will never post pics because at this point, it's just a rag!! i love erica's idea of putting a piece of it into a new blankie like build-a-bear. great idea. your peeks look A-MAZing miss D!

  9. As a 32 year old grown arse woman who has her baby blanket tucked safely into a pillow case in the cabinet next to my bed....

    I like MamaBeans's idea. And Ericas. Keeps the blanket for her, and involves *her* in the process of saving the blanket. She can see that it is worn and falling apart. Let her help in saving it.

    While I don't sleep with mine (because it is falling a bit apart), I do go to it and give it a squeeze when I am in emotional distress, and the love my mama sewed into that thing still works today and always gives me peace.

  10. I love quilts and that one is beautiful. If I could get over my hatred of sewing, I'd quilt.