Tuesday, July 06, 2010

crafTUESDAY - painted rocks

(it's still Tuesday.  Don't you be thinking it's Wednesday morning.  Nope.  Tuesday it still is).

I didn't have to come up with a craft last week.  The girls took care of the idea on their own, and I thought it was a perfect craft  for that last minut scramble, and a great craft to share.

When in doubt, grab a rock.

I wanted to do this project last year but had trouble finding any river rock.  Here in the high desert, surrounded by mountains, all we really have is lava rock, which doesn't make the prettiest yard decor. 

So....  last year when we went on our annual trip to the beach, we picked up some rocks along a nearby river and took them home for this project.  The girls decorated rocks last year as well.

I can't believe how young they look!  I am in denial that they are changing at all until I look at old pictures.  ack!

I've seen kid ideas that involve rocks where you are trying to make animals and specific shapes, etc.  But when they are little, they can't handle the pressure, so it's easier to give them some washable paints and a paintbrush, and let their free spirits determine the design.

My girls loved this project last year, and even though they were washable paints, I still have pretty rocks decorating my flower beds a year later.

This year they were a bit more methodical in the design process:

They were out "helping" Steve in his shop so he set them up with their supplies.  All the girly colors must be all used up because their choices were orange, blue, and green.  Payton has recently declared orange her new favorite color, so she wasn't too upset.

Morgan's rock features Saturn, a star in the sky, and fireflies all around it.  Too bad we don't get fireflies here.  I've never seen one in real life myself.  That would be fun.

Voila.  A colorful rock will make any landscaping look better, even a sad climbing rose bush like I have here.

Have a great day!  We are off for more swimming lessons.  Gotta love the summer time!  Davinie


  1. you've never seen a firefly??? come visit. soon. =)

  2. I always get the best ideas from your blog. A couple of years ago, it was that awesome tree you made with your kids. Now this. And there's plenty inbetween, but I'm only mentioning the extremely memorable ones :) I love this idea, thank you Davinie for sharing!

  3. what a great idea, i am soooo gonna go rock hunting with my girls :D

  4. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I still have a painted rock my daughter did when she was about 2 years old. I keep it inside so it won't fade :)
    And don['t wory I have never seen a firefly either, but then again I don't know if they exist down here... hmm, good question.

  5. Love the rocks. i did a fun take on this two years ago when I was Class Mom. I brought river rocks onto class. Each was about the size of my hand. The kids painted and decorated them to look like their Dads. The kids then gave their custom paperweights to their Dads for Father's Day with a card that said "Dad You Rock!". We took pictures of each kid holding their masterpieces. It was amazing how each kid zeroed in on their father's features making the rock truly resemble their Dad.

  6. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Sounds like you are making great long lasting memories!!

    Love it!!


  7. how cute! you are a great momma to do those kinds of things with your girls. come to NY - we have lots of fireflies here! :) i remember one day in 6th grade...my teacher painted a rock for me that he found on the playground, meant the world to me. lol how funny that rocks can be so fun to kids!

  8. What a CUTE summer project :)
    So fun for kids.