Thursday, July 01, 2010

Project 12 June in July

July, July July.  Is it seriously JULY?

I had the best intentions but life got in the way, so I decided to wait to share my layout until this post.

I have to say that May to me was more about the journaling and less about the design, so while it's one of my more simple layouts, it means a lot to me so I am still happy with it. 

I had a lot to say about soccer, Mother's day, yard work, chickens and mustache's this month. 

This is a reason I love Project 12 so much:  Steve's Mustache.  ack.  For some reason, half the guys at the firestation decided to grow mustaches.  Facial hair is a rarety at your local fire department because hair prevents a tight seal on their SCBA air masks, so they aren't allowed to have facial hair, like beards or goatee's, etc.  But they can have a mustache.  So some crazy boy decided to make it a contest, and many of the guys jumped on the opportunity.  Steve was one of them.  Me?  I HATE the mustache.   HATE to the CORE OF MY BEING.  Steve doesn't look good in a mustache.   I hereby declare.  He doesn't.  I think it ages him, and then throws him back a couple of decades.  Plus it's pokey.  Who likes kissing a mustache?  NOT ME.  Steve looked like this on the day I was finally able to convince him to shave:

but all the guys want to look like this:

that's our friend Bruce, with Payton at the lake a couple weeks ago.  Bruce is a nice person, but I sometimes wonder if the main draw is the mustache....  (just kidding, Bruce).

Anyway, Steve had this mustache the entire month of May and then he shaved it off.  He seems to think he's going to do this every year only next year the guys will all shave them for charity (and they don't think the wives are smart enough to see right through this "charitable" plan).  Project 12 allowed me to document that photo, and then promptly overlook, discard, and disregard that mustache and a photo of him with that mustache forever.  I documented it.  And it's done.  for Pete's Sake!  :)

I used a Jillibean Soup collection and utilized the trims and embellies on this layout, which made it really easy to put together  The big circle in the center of the sketch scared me a little, so I stitched a circle with my sewing machine instead.

As always, I am continuing to use my Maya Road sheer calendars, and my Studio Calico month stamp set.
And now that you've seen mine, I thought I'd share some of my favorites that were linked to my blog this month:

There are so many fun and inspiring details in this one I had to share it. ShellyJ's layout makes my creative head swoon.   I adore all her extra photos, the journaling, and how she was inspired by the sketch with her circle embellishments.  Nicely done my friend!

I LOOOOVE this layout.  I think this is my favorite of the month.  I loved the honeycombs with the Studio Calico print and that Girls' Paperie paper used in the circle was perfection.  I really adored every little inch of this one.  thank you Jenn!

I always appreciate when Geralyn sends something.  She has a fresh approach to her memory keeping.  I really like this layout and love that she made a little pocket for all of her journaling.  She's able to fit so much detail into every 8.5 x 11!:

I also had to share Jennifer's layout this month.  I know this was a rough month for her family, but she poured her heart out on this layout beautifully.  It's a treasure for sure.  In particular I adore the hand stitching and the details with the flowers, and of course the journaling is touching.  Thank you for sharing this one Jennifer.

As always, I truly appreciate your participation!  Summer is upon us so let's all encourage each other to get our layouts done and be sure to check the comment section on this post for submissions.  If you see layouts linked in galleries be sure to leave a comment, okay? 

July is here but here is the sketch I'll be working on for June:

I'm excited about this one!  I don't use enough of those tiny alphas but I'll have to with this layout and I'm grateful for that.  I think I know what photos I'm going to use on the right already!  I hope to have my layout finished to share in a timely manner (I want to say I'll have it posted on the 10th, but I'm afraid to put a definite date on it.  Here's hoping anyway....).

Be sure to link up your layouts here and on the SCT blog by July 20!  I'll see you back here soon! 



  1. Anonymous5:50 AM

    I'm with you on mustaches for sure. Ages every guy I've ever seen with one.
    Great LOs this month! Can't wait to wrap up my June LO & get started on July. Thanks for keeping us inspired, Davinie - this project is really fabulous!

  2. Anonymous5:53 AM

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  3. FAB! I've got my pics printed for my LO -- will get it tackled later!

  4. So glad you were able to visit my blog to see all the goodies that i earned for winning Project 12 last month.

    I really enjoy the Scrapbook & cards today magazine. So well written. I even love the texture of the pages. (Paper fans notice these things!)

    My husband grew a moustache some years ago. I didn't care for it either!

    My June entry will be complete soon. :)

  5. Thank you for sharing my page. It was helpful to reflect on the month.

    And the mustache...I'm going to post a link to my husband's blog: scroll down to June 28th and share it with your husband. My husband is a sea captain; yours might be a Selleck!

  6. Jennifer, LOL! If Steve looked like Tom Sellek when he grew facial hair I might reconsider. he wishes he was a Sellek! He's a sparse Sellek, I'll give him that much. maybe. :)

  7. That was faster than I expected! Look I did it!

  8. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Here's my project for June! Yeah!

  9. HA! I love the mustache story!!! I love the layouts you shared and can't wait to get started on my June ones!

  10. Down with moustaches, I say! BLEECH.
    They're only for villains in silent films.

  11. I love your layout this month Davinie and especially that pic of the chicken - he's adorable! All of the other layouts are so inspiring too! The holiday weekend allowed me to finish my June Project 12 layouts - here's the link to my blog post:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Mary (Happy Now)6:38 AM

    Another month - wow, it is scary how quickly these are passing by!

    Here are my June layouts -- I still have to add the journaling, but I didn't want to post that online this month. Thanks!

  13. awww, thanks for featuring my layout!

  14. This is my layout for June for Project 12 sketch.

  15. Anonymous7:43 AM

    I always look forward to seeing how you used the sketch! ... and you are making me blush, thanks for featuring my page.

    Here is my June page...

  16. Here's my June:
    I added photos. We did lots.

  17. Here's my June layout!

  18. Here is my June page (just scroll down through April and May - I'm catching up!!)

  19. June project 12:

    Can't time slow down during the summer? :)


  20. Barely getting it in on time!!
    My Project 12 for June!

    Have a wonderful day.

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  23. I hate typos...
    I'm still playing catch up... but here's my latest! :)


  25. Finally, back on track with these layouts! June is on my blog, here:

    thanks for the inspiration!

  26. Here is my June layout.

  27. Here's my June layout! I say it every month, but I really mean project 12!!!

  28. It's been a struggle this month to get my layout done. There just doesn't seem to be craft time for mom. But with a day to spare, here it is.

  29. Here's my June layout:

    and I got May's done late, but here's that one too!

  30. And now, I am officially caught up on P12! Happy with this one :)

  31. I got it done, just in the nick of time... Love your color combo and stitching! I just picked up a few of those vintage-style, JBS buttons myself. Gorgeous!

  32. Here's mine!

  33. Here's my June page. Halfway through the year - woohoo!

  34. Nearly caught up again - here's June (a little late I know)

    On UKS

    and on Photobucket

    Thanks for keeping me going - half-way there!

  35. Hi Davinie!

    Here is my June layout.. very late, but I am still getting each month done!

    Happy Beach combing!

  36. Uh.. here's the link: