Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back 40 sneakage

I'm slowly working my way down the to do list, and next up are sneaks.  I suppose I should probably get them posted before reveal, yes?

I had a lot of photos with many themes this month, so had fun going through them to choose photos to use for this kit. 

This kit was very moody to me.  I had gray's to choose from, as well as bright happy colors.  It was a moody month, so it all came together perfectly.

The In Stitches border was used on this layout.  That Indie Girl strip of paper needed just a little something and this punch was perfect.  I also used my upper crest punch, because I don't have a zig zag punch (yet) and needed the point to match another element in my layout.  The bracket border punch in the shop is a lot bigger than this punch. 

Call me crazy but I have this thing about my decorative borders matching something else I am using.  I used a pinked circle in this layout and needed a point somewhere to match it.

I just about grabbed my boundary waters punch for the above layout, but I just went to the beach a few weeks ago and have plenty of layouts planned for it.  I thought using my postage edge stamp (back in stock on the shop!) would be a fun alternative, also representative of choppy water, and matched my double embossed lace border punch well.  Lots of strips on this one.

That chipboard frame from Cosmo will be in the shop this month......

I had a LOT of fun with that layout.  I'm also in love with mist, if only for the sole reason it sure makes changing the color of chipboard super easy.  This is cherry mist in action. 

There's that In Stitches punch again.  LOVE how fun it is!  I played with turquoise floss there.  You can also see a nibble of the butterfly stamp set that will be in an add-on this month, my favorite scallop punch, and the Martha Stewart butterfly punch set. 

And yes...  that's mist!  Splattered cream mist.  You can also see a nibble of hydrangea on this one.

Purple thread too!

Reveal is tomorrow!  See you there!


  1. don't think i've ever seen you do anything that isn't perfectly beautiful. i'm certain these are no exception. you make 'messy' elegant. ;) xxo

  2. Loving your sneaks!!

  3. These are gorgeous. I wasn't planning on an add-on, but you may have convinced me...Which did you get?

  4. Oh my goodness, you have me sold on that in stitches punch!

  5. stinkydudette6:56 PM

    super awesome sneaks~!!

  6. You know what I always admire work at home moms. It's amazing how you can integrate parenting into your business activities.

  7. These look stunning again...but of course!! That cherry mist is amazing too! yum!

  8. Royce6:52 PM

    Davinie, I am new to your blog, but not to your work. I started getting Creative Scrapbooks a couple of years ago, and started noticing your work immediately. After a few months, I started thumbing through the magazine hunting for your pages. I absolutely love your work. Would love to hear your work process. I really struggle with creative blocks. Thank you so much for all of the inspiration and ideas you provide. I am really a big fan.
    Royce (