Monday, August 30, 2010

Inspiration challenge

Hi!  Just wanted to pass along that I'm cohosting the Studio Calico blog this week and chose to do an inspiration challenge based off the following collage:

(from the Creature Comforts blog, post and photo credits here).

Check out the challenge post here.

Have a great day!  It's raining outside right now and I hear that we got SNOW on Mt Bachelor, which is @30 miles away.  Wha????  Isn't it still August?

I'm also twiddling my thumbs for school to start.  Morgan is the 7th, and her teacher is "New Teacher, name to be announced".  okayyyyyy.   Payton starts the following Monday.  It can't come soon enough!



  1. Isaiah starts on the 7th too.. He gets one teacher for the first week, then gets shifted into his final class & teacher the next week. SO strange. I have no clue if this is normal or not since this is his first year. *sniff*

    Don't know WHAT I'll do with the kid free time.. lol

  2. Payton starts school the 8th.......

  3. Great challenge! Dig that yellow!

    We had snow on Pike's Peak not too long back but it cleared off quickly. BUT since I have an ongoing 'bet' with my kids about the snow - I know that LAST year I declared it to be 'the earliest ever' and this year it was NINE days earlier!