Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On the Road again.......

Check it out:

That would be me, in the front seat, on Splash Mountain at Disneyland.  January 2009.

When I headed to California for CHAW, my hubby and I decided to do double duty and bring the family so we could also do Disneyland in between working the floor at the show. 

I love Disneyland.

I'm not a huge fan of big rides though.  I'd just prefer my belly to stay encased within my ribs, and not in my throat, my toes, or left behind me at the starting gate at California Screamin'. 

That's just me.

With Splash Mountain, though, I didn't think it'd be scary, so I decided to go on it in an effort to show Morgan it'd be just fine and she should do it too.  At the time she had just turned 5, and Payton was just short of three (and therefore...  FREE). 

I was focused on Morgan and yippity yappin' the whole time we were in line, so it wasn't until that moment when we exit the building and do what appears to make a 90 degree dive to the ground that I realized how stinkin' silly it was to sit in the FRONT. 

Truth be told I wasn't too scared.  It's just that it was January, not super warm, and it looked to me like I was going to get very very wet!

And I did, a fair amount.  Keep that in mind if you go!

We got our souvenir photo afterwards and my first thought was, "phew, at least I don't look as dorky as that chick behind me."

But that chick just so happens to be my sister.  Her name is Alyca. 

And my relief was only short-lived, because right after I made that declaration she clued me in.

She's a faker.

That was a fake reaction.

There are people in this world who focus on the signs that tell you where the cameras are going to be when you go on roller coasters, just so that they can act dorky for the camera.


Suffice it to say I'm not a huge fan of roller coasters, and probably won't be pitching $14.99 towards any fake souvenir photos anytime soon.  heeeee.

Another thing I'm not a fan of?  Wearing a swimsuit in public, surrounded by what'll feel like a zillion people.  I'm not a fan. 

It's a wonder, then, that while you are reading this, I'm actually making the long trek here:

I hadn't even heard of this place until last year when some friends went, but since then it has become the chosen location of a family gathering with Steve's family.  His sister's kids are tweenish (some older, some younger), and they are skipping part of their first week of school in order to go.  We had very busy summers and this was the only time that worked. 


Wish me luck.  I do anticipate having a lot of fun.  There's a kiddy park.  And we aren't going to be at the theme park the whole time.  We are renting a house in Couer D'Alene and plan on checking out the area while we are there too. 

I'll be back on Sunday night!



  1. Have a super fun time!!!! My kids and I are leaving for Missouri this Sunday for an entire week! We are staying with my sister, and we will also be staying at a resort, and I'll bet doing 'similar' things:)

    I love your sister's faked photo! Kills me! Sisters are awesome...

    She who laughs, lasts!

    Catch ya later!

  2. I LOVE Disneyland and I'm sure you'll have lots of fun!

  3. Oh, dear god.

    Thanks for at least pointing out that I was not petrified. Just didn't quite get the arms up straight all the way.

    And thanks for the assumption that I was just *acting* dorky...... There are many of us photoposers out there (and I think you are married to one).....this pic is not nearly as bad as the one with Steve giving 2 thumbs up to the California Screamin' camera.

  4. Coeur D'Alene is such a gorgeous place!!! I haven't been to Silverwood is a million years. Brings back memories ; )
    Love Disneyland!!!

  5. Silverwood is a nice place, but its not Disney that's for sure!!! Hope you have a good time though!

  6. looks fun. have a wonderful trip. =)

  7. Yeah. Thumbs down on the public swimming suit for me too. Ugh. Hate it! :( Have fun!!

  8. Have a wonderful trip, I´m sure you will have tons of fun;)