Tuesday, October 05, 2010

crafTuesday - Paper Plate Sunflowers

I'm a huge fan of crafts for kids that involve paper plates.  I used to do them all the time with Morgan when she was little.  Paper plates can be purchased in bulk, are cheap, and are sturdy enough for a multitude of ideas.

I have done a variation of this particular craft project before, but with the leaves startng to turn and Payton at 4 years old, I thought it would be a fun thing to break out for our craft time today. 

Today we went through a couple different steps and techniques to make a sunflower to hang in her room.

The cast of characters in our supply list:

I couldn't find plain old sunflower seeds when shopping for this project, but I also didn't see the harm in having a snack, so bought some David's.  We ate, spat, and were happy, lol.

You start by having them paint the back side of the paper plate.  Payton decided she wanted a rainbow sunflower. 

While she was painting, I got started on the petals.  I trimmed leaves from both yellow and orange construction paper to give her a choice, but she wanted only yellow.  I'll save the orange for something else. 

My girls are both really good with scissors so while the paint was drying, I gave her a few petals to cut out while I took care of the rest.  She would have lost all interest in the project if I had made her trim all of them.

Once the petals were cut it was time to glue them to the edge of our plate. 

Lastly was to much sunflower seeds and adhere some of them to the middle of the sunflower.  Be sure to keep the ones you intend to eat away from the glue and little fingers, lol.

And voila!  When the glue dries on this project, perhaps next week sometime, we are going to hang this in her room.  She just informed that she wants her sunflower to also have a stem, and she'd like it to be purple.

Alrighty then.  :)

Have a great day!  Davinie 


  1. Davinie, you need to write a children craft book! I mean, you are my one source of all children craft inspo!!! So thankful that you have kids my kids' age, such appropriate crafty things to do :)

  2. How fun! Thanks for the great idea! I've saved it so I can do it with my son!

  3. Great idea- thanks! I love the look on Payton's face- so serious about her crafting! :)

  4. Anonymous3:19 AM

    oh we are so making a sunflower! this is totally the type of thing my girl loves to do. thanks Dav!

    I can't believe Morgans four front teeth are gone I thought I was seeing things. I practically had my nose on the monitor convinced it was my eyes playing tricks lol can't wait to hear the story!

  5. I must have been missing these Craft Tuesdays..I just saw this & love it. I have a little girl the same age & need all the ideas I can get! Sometimes my ideas get lost if I don't put them in a binder so then I forget to do them. These posts will remind me!

  6. What a great project! I am doing crafts/arts project with my daughter's kindergarten class every month. I might have to borrow this idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Hi - I've just found your site and had no idea I would also be able to find kid crafts here - my most favourite thing to do with my girls and at the neighbourhood day care - thanks !


  8. Oowww.. what a great idea!!!!! Look at her little face!! Awww!!! Love the result! XOXO

  9. my two favorite things....rainbows and sunflowers!
    this is a really fun craft!

    it's funny....we have craft thursdays at our house! :)

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