Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My October and how I'm keeping track of Christmas.

First things first.  October. 

I got my thoughts and photos down on paper.  I used some fun bits from the Metropolitan kit from Studio Calico, some new star veneer shapes (LOVE these), and some MME from my stash for the base.  I'm really liking the change from kraft to patterned cardstock as the base, with kraft on top.  I'll probably do it next month too!

Our family has nothing extra planned in December (although we are hoping for a lot of snow this year so we'll actually get to play in it!), so I am ahead of the game for my November layout.  I promise.  Boy, this challenge is sometimes super tough to fit in.

I've already posted my layout on the SCT blog along with my winner (you need to check that out, Lisa Spiegel).  I'm going to announce the calendar winners tomorrow with my 12/1 post.  Good grief.  December.

Moving on.

For the past few years I've greatly admired Ali's December Daily album, and each year I give it a go, but it never pans out.  I am bound and determined to do it this year, and found a concept that finally works for me.

I'm calling it "Until Christmas".  I bought these tags from Elle's Studio, but didn't intend to go until 12/31.  I just loved that each were different and they had a vintage feel.  I also really liked the color palette.

The kids and I shopped for Christmas on Black Friday, and then Saturday night we had a Starlight holiday parade, so I really wanted to start my album before December 1.  When I saw that Friday was the 26th, I knew it was meant to be.  When all is said and done, I'll only have a lonely 31 tag from the package.  Maybe I can use it later on a New Year's layout!

Another thing that has always held me back is my journaling.  If I have to make time every day to use the computer and print something out, I'll eventually get behind, and then I won't finish the album.  This year I'm embracing my handwriting, and doing this album like a daily journal, with memorabilia and photos thrown in.

For my front and back cover I'm using an old Melissa Frances Bingo album.  The pages are super thick.  I've been saving this album for a long time.  At this point my plan is to use cardstock for the interior pages, but if the album needs it, I'll throw in another piece of chipboard. 

I didn't like the cover I originally made, so for now I'm sticking with naked.  I do plan to call the album "Until Christmas 2010" when I have a chance though.

I'm trying to utilize my blue, green, and red stash for a bulk of the album.  What else is a person supposed to do with their stash?!  I have no interest in having this album published.  It is all for me.

You can see I included random photos of what we are up to.  I also included a super cute note that Morgan and Payton made me.  I woke up Sunday morning to a picnic breakfast.  I love when they spoil me (and I'm not going to fret about this gold color with my blue green and red album either.  Not.  Going.  To.  Fret.  :)  ).

This album is more than a holiday album to me.  It's almost along the same lines as Ali's week in the life.  I'm just documenting it all.  I think it'll be fun to look back on.

In fact, last night my girls put up a small Christmas tree in their room, and at bedtime they told me that they had to sit in front of it, with their palms together, and say a little chant before bed to make their Christmas wishes.  It goes:

Star light
Star bright
We are here
To make a wish
We close our eyes
and then we start
to make a wish
with all our heart.

And then you move your prayer hands in a circular motion towards the tree and say:

Sparkle hearts.

I mean seriously.  How cute is that!  And of course I wrote it down right away.  I kept saying it wrong, lol.  This is the fun stuff I want to remember.

I don't see this album interfering with my plans for my Project 12 layout either.  It's like a P12 layout, only more detailed.  It's also an album that will be put out with the decor every December. 

Let me know if you have any questions!  See you tomorrow!  Davinie


  1. Davinie - you impress me all the time. i love your album...i love the title and i love you p12 layout. lots of love going around:)

    hoping you do a whole post of your entire p12 album...would love to see it all together:)

  2. Loving your December album idea! I also like the kraft on top of the pattern paper on your P12 LO! As always, you continue to inspire me!! :)

  3. Love your album and your thoughts behind it, Dav! Hope to see more of your pages in the future :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I am psyching myself up to do this project but havne't even started yet. I love that you are using this Bingo book. I have been saving mine for something special & this may be the perfect thing. I hope you share when it's completed!

  5. I am trying DD for the second time this year. Last year I only got to Day 12 when it became too much.

    This year my album is made and I'm making it fun and really easy, no pressure, some photos and some words (and of course cute paper doesn't hurt.
    By the way,I saw you left a comment over at SC for my December Daily too, thankyou!

    Good luck with your DD and have fun :)

  6. This is a GREAT project! Adore it! I do Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas every year.

  7. LOVE this so far!

  8. Thank you so much for the great prize!!